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Trains Brain Teaser


Here's another easy one.

Two high speed intermodal trains are traveling at 80 mph on the same track, one UP & one NS starting from zero they leave at the same time and continue at the same speed and never slow down. Both trains never touch... How is this possible?  Thanx Thom...

So Thom.   

You never said they were aimed at each other !!!!!

See ya

Bob, My first thought. But can it really be that easy?


That's why it's a brain teaser.  Guess as much as you like.  Remember to tip your waitress.

Rather than go over semantics.  The answer is the trains start in opposite directions.  I said it was easy!

Now for the big boys!

A guy is on a trestle flying his drone, he's one third from one side.
Suddenly he sees a train coming towards him, he knows if he travels in the opposite direction, he can get off the trestle before the train passes.
He also knows that if travels towards the train, he can get off just before the train passes.
How much faster must he travel, than the train is traveling?   Thanx Thom...


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