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Baggage Car - Daily Chat / Re: Tuesday - April 13, 2021
« Last post by Jim Donovan on Today at 08:33:04 AM »
Good Morning

Things are starting to open up so hopefully at least some shows will begin soon. Working at museum today. I will be building a FSM sawmill for their layout should be fun.

Jim D
Baggage Car - Daily Chat / Re: Tuesday - April 13, 2021
« Last post by ACL1504 on Today at 07:34:53 AM »
Morning Bob, Jeff  and others,

I miss the Expo's also. May one day!

Cleaning off the work bench and resuming my challenge build today.

Have a great day ya'll.

Tom  ;D
Baggage Car - Daily Chat / Re: Tuesday - April 13, 2021
« Last post by Zephyrus52246 on Today at 07:33:33 AM »
Morning, all.

I miss the EXPOs as well.  Nice diesel pic, Bob. 

Baggage Car - Daily Chat / Tuesday - April 13, 2021
« Last post by ReadingBob on Today at 07:20:38 AM »
Morning all,

No workbench time last night.  I need to breakout the soldering pencil though and fix a connection in my latest build.  I forgot to solder the copper tape in two spots and it's proving problematic.  Easy fix though.  I'll take care of that tonight.

Recycling some old pictures from the Scranton EXPO.  I miss the EXPO's.   :'(

Have a great one!
Layout Tours / Re: Cypress Creek Railroad
« Last post by EricQuebec on Today at 07:05:32 AM »
Very Nice Layout, wonderful  building very well desserved by beautiful scenery
Layout Tours / Re: Cypress Creek Railroad
« Last post by cuse on Today at 06:31:34 AM »
Looks great Steve...the hills dwarf the structures - as they should and often don't...yours looks perfect!

Great coloring, as always, particularly the worn concrete. I'm looking forward to the details and the river.

Layout Tours / Re: Shadowlands and Tellynott
« Last post by Mark Dalrymple on Today at 03:31:38 AM »
Hi guys.

Here is the left diorama mocked up.

The stream will come out of a pipe in a retaining wall opposite the Magnuson water works kitbash and cascade down the hill behind the block of shops, under the bridge and in front of the Boxing gym.  The wooden structure is FOS Hollender's boxing gym.  My intention is to put a slight angle in the center.

More soon, cheers, Mark.

Layout Tours / Re: Cypress Creek Railroad
« Last post by SteveCuster on April 12, 2021, 10:17:16 PM »
Thanks Rich!

Small redundant update to anyone who's been following my Sewalls Foundry thread. In the interest of continuity I'm crossposting some of the photos from that thread as I installed the structure on the layout.

I added the concrete for this area. Same technique as previously mentioned...plaster of paris...gray chalk paint and weathered with ground down charcoal briquettes.

I installed this was built using the main wall castings from RailroadKits for Sewalls Foundry. I haven't added any details yet but it will be busy.

This shot shows how it will tie in to the rest of the layout.

I started working the banks of the little river. I added the basic ground cover here as well but I didn't take a picture yet.

Small update for now...I need to work on a few of the smaller details then I can move past the track and onto the front area of the layout.

Thanks for following along!

Kit Building / Re: Sewall's Foundry using RailroadKits castings.
« Last post by SteveCuster on April 12, 2021, 10:09:11 PM »
Thanks everyone!

Over the last few days I installed the structure on the layout and started to work the scenery in around it.

First step before I could install the structure was adding the concrete under it. This is done the same way I had done in my previous builds...plaster of paris smoothed out with a wet sponge and some really light sanding with some fine sand paper to level it out. I colored it with Parisian Gray Chalk paint and weathered with charcoal briquet dust.

My pavement wasn't completely level so I need to shim up the backside of the structure.

I had to do a little bit of adjustment and filing to get the brick pillars to fit correctly. Looks kinda boring to me now but I'll fix that with a vehicle and many details.

Backside..obviously lots more details coming.

This is how it ended up fitting in the overall scene.

Thanks for following along. I started work on a couple vehicles and I need to finish some of the details then I can complete the areas behind the tracks and start working on the very foreground of this area.

Scratchbuilding / Re: Clearfield Cheese Clinton Mo
« Last post by EricQuebec on April 12, 2021, 08:00:57 PM »
Good start on this one.
I will follow.
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