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nycjeff layout
« on: August 14, 2020, 01:11:48 AM »
On my layout, I did not ballast the track before scenery. I know that many people do that, but I wanted to make sure that all of my trackwork and wiring was working properly first. I put down the first layers of scenery and now am finally getting around to ballasting my track.

This is my track system for the mainlines and branch areas. I used 1/2 inch homosote, or sound deadening board as Home Depot calls it down here in the desert. I used a wood rasp and rounded both edges and then glued cork roadbed ro it. The track was then added and fastened with track nails.

In my yard areas and staging areas, I covered the area with pieces of homosote cut to size and then put down the cork and track

This is what my mainline track looks like before ballasting. The scenery extends up to the edges of the cork roadbed

My base ballast material is just dirt from my yard collected in a coffee can

I then sift the dirt. The very fine granules go through the sieve and I remove the larger pieces and any twigs from the sieve with my hand. I save the very fine materials for my base scenery layer.

This is what I save for my base ballast material. I remove some of the larger pieces before the next step.

This is what I add to the base material from my yard. The black and grey granules are from Michael's floral section. The red is Woodland scenics fine ballast material.

I then put these materials in with my base dirt. I don't really have an exact measurement, I just add until it looks right to me

This is all of the above listed stuff mixed together

I then use a spoon to position the material on both sides of the track making sure to cover the sides of the cork roadbed.

Using my finger, I remove the ballast from the tops of the side ties. That's it for now, more later


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