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For this little project I built a small oval of Magnorail track screwed down on a piece of MDF. Around the edges of the board I added 8mm square wood. I then added an acrylic top which I screwed down into the wood. I then sprayed the top with grey primer leaving the area around the motor clear in order to aid in adding the cyclist to the track where the magnets are.

The vehicles denote the road and the cyclist peddles between them. The oblong area in the middle is where the block of houses will be built. The viewer will see the cyclist cycle along the front of the houses and then disappear around the rear for about 30 seconds.

Here are the houses on my work bench. I have tried to replicate the scene in the photograph. The rear of the houses will not be seen by the viewer and will be made of grey 2mm thick card.

The Arke Reisen bus was added for Jan as it has carried Dutch tourists on tour to Norway.  :)



Looks like a fun project. I'll follow along with you on this one as I have with all your other great projects.

Tom ;D

         Consider me a copycat to Tom, my older less attractive balding brother from another mother.  I'll be model lurking here too!  Thanx Thom...

This will be interesting to see for those of us on this side of the great water. I'll be watching Mike.  ;D


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