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I enjoy exhibiting at model railway exhibitions and usually attend a dozen a year with one of my three show layouts.

However I have a lot of nice signature kits that I would to showcase as an easily transportable dioramas. are now producing laser cut MDF kits which can be easily put together with just some alphatic glue.

I have recently bought four which will form a 4ft by 1ft diorama plus a 16 inch fiddle yard.

Here is a photo of the packs which are currently priced at 50 for the four. They include M5 Nuts. Bolts and Washers and 2 spacer pieces.

I will construct them in my next post.



Those are really neat. Thanks for sharing with us.

Tom ;D

Thanks Tom. I think these are really neat.

Here are the contents of a middle board. This measures 16 inches wide, 11.5 inches and the back scene is 9.5 inches high. This unit is priced at 12.50.



The boards are really well engineered. The parts slot accurately into each other. The spacers are glued using the bolts to guide them correctly into the right position before using the Deluxe Materials Super 'Phatic Glue.

The space underneath the board is 4mm high which will accommodate most turnout motors. Slow action ones such as Tortoise or DCC Concepts will be have to be turned on their sides.

The whole process takes 5 minutes including photography.


Dave K.:
Very interesting product...wonder how long before it gets copied by a manufacturer over here (maybe something similar is already here?).


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