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Superior & Seattle Railroad Build (Volume 2) Started 2/25/17

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I locked my original build thread tonight because of the file corruption problems we have been experiencing. Please see the locked thread entitled Superior & Seattle Railroad Build for the previous 2 - 3 years of build history. I will be continuing the story of this build in the coming days.

Link to Superior & Seattle Railroad Build (Volume 1)


I know that by locking a thread keeps it from being active so no additional posts can be made; however, do we even know if this "lock down" protects it from any future "back-up file corruption"?



--- Quote from: ACL1504 on February 26, 2017, 08:24:43 AM ---John,

I know that by locking a thread keeps it from being active so no additional posts can be made; however, do we even know if this "lock down" protects it from any future "back-up file corruption"?


--- End quote ---

Hi Tom

Sorry about this file corruption issue and the devastating affect it has had on your thread.  All locking does, as far as I know, is keep people from posting on the thread.  This would have only helped in your case if the problem with your thread was caused by you hitting some maximum number like; posts, pages, characters, or something else that caused a software bug to corrupt your thread. Since you had more pages that I did when this happened I thought it was time for me to start volume 2.  I will be backing up my threads to my own computer now so I don't loose them.  This would not help the forum because I don't know how to restore them back to the server. I will call you this afternoon and walk you through doing the personal backup.

I had a long talk with Tom ACL1504 about this forum and the value of continuing to post on a build thread, this afternoon.  As you probably know, Tom has one of the best build threads on this forum (probably any forum) and due to a computer and backup malfunction lost most of the pages of his thread, yesterday.  This event had a number of us wondering if continuing to spend all the time required to keep up our threads on the forum was a good use of our time.

I thought I would share a few of the reasons I post on a build thread  before moving on to Volume 2 of my build thread. 

1) Through this forum and communicating about our common hobby I have met some great friends.

2) The forum allows me to share my hobby with people that have the same interest in fine scale modeling.

3) The tips I get from other modelers threads are extremely valuable in becoming a better modeler. Many times these tips come as a result of one of my posts in the forum of a personal email or message.  You may want to try this! 

4) I try to post the things I wish I had read about on a build thread when I was starting my first layout.  Maybe, someone will find something that will help them with their build.

5) This build thread serves as a historic record of the building of my layout.  I can go back and look at which techniques I used for a particular area or structure.  If you haven't got to that point - you will. I find this very useful and is why an event like what happened to Tom is particularly devastating. 

On this issue there is a solution for your personal use.  Periodically go in to your thread and copy the pages.  I have files that are backed up on my home server and on the iCloud of every page of every thread I have on this and other forums. Yes I have my threads from the "old forum".  All you have to do with an MACBook  is bring the page up in Safari and go to file and then - save as - web archive. I save the files in a directory with forum backups for each thread.   When you call up this file it looks just like it does on the forum - even if you are not connected to the internet.  If you are on the internet it will take you to the page on the forum which is active.

So I have been working on the layout the last few days and it's time to show what I have been doing.  Welcome to the S&S Railroad (Volume 2). 


Index to Volume 1 of the  Superior & Seattle Railroad Build Thread

Index to the thread Updated 3/21/17. 


Page 1   Changing forums - the benchwork
Page 2   Overview and Status in March of 2014
Page 3   A look back at the Benchwork and Paster work on the mountains,
             Painting the Plaster work
             The Photo Back Drops
             Making Aspen Trees
Page 4    Making Pine Trees
              Preparing the Talus Materials
Page 5    Prototype Photographs
Page 6    Prototype Photographs
              Control Panel
Page 7    Layout Diagram "original plan"
              Roundhouse Photographs
              The Stone Roundhouse Build - start
Page 8    Stone Roundhouse Build - the walls
Page 9    Stone Roundhouse Build - the Roof
Page 10  Stone Roundhouse Build - Painting
Page 11  Laying more track
             Planning the town of Sellios
Page 12  Testing track
Page 13  First Runs - lower track
Page 14  Benchwork and Town layout - Sellios
Page 15  Benchwork and Town layout - Sellios
Page 16  Track work in Sellios
Page 17  Planning Structure Placement - Sellios
Page 18  Logo for the Superior & Seattle Railroad
Page 19  Cedar Shingle Pine Tree armatures
              Modeling in the Summer
Page 20  Roofing on the Stone Roundhouse
Page 21  Doors on the Stone Roundhouse
Page 22  More plaster work
Page 23  Installing the DCC System
Page 24  DCC System Discussion
Page 25  DCC System Installation
Page 26  DCC System Installation
Page 27  More track installation
Page 28  Track Testing
Page 29  Door production for the Stone Roundhouse
Page 30  Ballasting The Eagles Nest Yard
Page 31  Ballasting The Eagles Nest Yard
Page 32  Changes - moving mountains
Page 33  Adding some talus materials
Page 34  Stone Roundhouse Build - Tar Paper Roof
Page 35  Stone Roundhouse Build - Doors, Windows, Trim
Page 36  Planting Aspen Trees,
             prototype pictures Aspen Trees
Page 37  Stone Roundhouse Build Trim, Front Stone Work
             Pictures of Mountains with Fall Color
Page 38  The view through "Wayne's hole"
Page 39  Some overall room photographs of the layout
Page 40  Stone Roundhouse Build - Painting the trim
Page 41  Stone Roundhouse Build - Installing the Windows
Page 42  The A&I tube
Page 43  Stone Roundhouse Build - Painting the Roof
Page 44  Stone Roundhouse Build - Final pictures on the workbench
              Stone Roundhouse Build - Moving and installing on the layout
Page 45  Stone Roundhouse Build - Installation pictures
Page 46  Discussion of storage on the benchwork
Page 47  New - flex shaft rotary tool
Page 48  The Eagles Nest Yard
Page 49  Kit discussion
Page 50  Scenery on Mt. Aiden
Page 51  Mt. Aiden Trestle Build - bents
Page 52  Testing coloring for the Trestle
Page 53  Start of scenery on Mt. Aiden
Page 54  Progress pictures scenery on Mt. Aiden
Page 55  Surveying for the Trestle
             Stripwood for the Mt. Aiden Trestle
             Casting the footings for the Mt. Aiden Trestle
Page 56  Changes in the Mountains
Page 57  Coloring the trestle footings
Page 58  Mt. Aiden Scenery progress pictures
Page 59  Setting the footings for the Mt. Aiden Trestle
Page 60  Mt. Aiden Trestle Build first Bents
Page 61  Staining Stripwood
Page 62  Mt. Aiden Trestle Build
Page 63  Mt. Aiden Trestle Build
Page 64  Trestle Build progress pictures
Page 65  Trestle Build progress pictures
Page 66  Painting Bolt Castings
Page 67  Installing Bolt Castings - Mt. Aiden Trestle
Page 68  Cutting more strip wood
              Dealing with impatient forum members
Page 69  Adding retaining walls
Page 70  Trestle Build progress pictures
Page 71  Counting nut and bolt castings
Page 72  Mt. Aiden Trestle - the finishing process
Page 73  Adding Scenery to Mt. Aiden
Page 74  Building retaining wall for Mt. Aiden
              Pine Tree Production
Page 75  Dead Pine Trees
Page 75  The Brambell's Build Start - What's in the box
Page 76  Brambell's - Site preparation on the Layout
Page 77  Brambell's - Making Extra Castings
Page 78  Brambell's - Changing the site plan to fit my location on the layout.
Page 79  Brambell's - Making Molds
Page 80  Brambell's - Painting the castings
Page 81  Brambell's - Preparing the background scenery
Page 82  FSM Sawmill reconditioning for the S&S RR.
Page 83  Brambell's - Fitting castings to my site.
Page 84  Brambell's - Castings - lessons learned
Page 85  Brambell's - Painting the castings
Page 86  Brambell's - Testing the base with castings on the layout
Page 87  Brambell's - Detail castings - preparation for painting

             Brambell's - The warehouse walls
Page 88  New Tools
Page 89  Brambell's - Warehouse Assembly
Page 90  Brambell's - Painting the detail castings
             Brambell's - The wood retaining wall
Page 91  Brambell's - More Warehouse Assembly
Page 92  Brambell's - adding detail castings
Page 93  Brambell's - Warehouse Roof Construction
Page 94  Brambell's - Adding the Hoist House
              Brambell's - Adding the back deck
              Brambell's - A test fit on the layout
Page 95  Brambell's - Adding the ground cover
Page 96  Brambell's - Adding the Warehouse back shed
Page 97  Brambell's - More details
Page 98  Brambell's - Building the front deck
Page 99  Brambell's - Building the Trestle
Page 100 Brambell's - The cement wall
              Brambell's - The Trestle Deck
Page 101 Updating the index
Page 102 Brambell's - Rail Siding and Dock
              Adding more trees
Page 103 Brambell's Front Office
Page 104 Brambell's Scale and Scale House
Page 105 Brambell's Adding Dirt
              Brambell's Test Plant on Layout
Page 106 Changes, Dad's, and the old layout
Page 107 Working in the Mountain
Page 108 Brambell's The Details
Page 108 Brambell's Finish Pictures on the Workbench
Page 108 A clean workbench
Page 109 Chippy Hollow Build Start
Page 110 Another Trestle Build
Page 111 More Pine Tree Production
               Chippy Hollow Painting the wall castings
Page 112 Start of the Mt. Aiden Small Trestle
Page 112 Eagles Nest Hardware Build
Page 114 Track on the Mt. Aiden Trestle
Page 114 Chippy Hollow Build Progress
Page 115 Eagles Nest Warehouse Wall Castings
Page 116 Build Progress Eagles Nest Warehouse and Chippy Hollow
Page 117 Painting the Eagles Nest Warehouse Castings.
Page 118 Progress Report Small Trestle Build on Mt. Aiden.
Page 118 Layout Diagrams update
Page 119 Chippy Hollow Build update.
Page 120 Reusable Mold Material test.
Page 121 Trestle Build Progress.
Page 123 Final Pictures Mt. Aiden Trestle Build.
Page 124 Eagles Nest Warehouse Progress Report.
Page 126 Chippy Hollow Build Update
Page 128 Chippy Hollow Details
Page 128 Chippy Hollow become Walter P's
Page 129 The Staging Yard.

Page 130 The Control Panel Switch Panel.
Page 133 Eagles Next Warehouse - new paint and weathering.
Page 134 Start of the Jacob's Coal Build.
Page 136 Prototype Pictures from Greenfield Village
Page 137 Making room for the inside the mountain helix.
Page 138 Building the Helix.
Page 142 Making molds for plaster castings.
Page 143 More Aspen Trees
Page 146 Start of the C. C. Crow Stone Church Build
Page 147 Making room for the HOn3 Trestle
Page 148 Plans for the mountain top.
Page 148 Hidden Yard Build
Page 150 C. C. Crow Church Pictures
Page 153 Starting the HOn3 Trestle Builds
Page 155 Jacob's Coal Build Update
Page 157 Getting out the saw - more changes
Page 159 Using a Clay Mockups for design.
Page 162 The Start of the town of Sellios
Page 163 Sawmill placement.
Page 164 More on the Clay Mockup.
Page 167 Future Build Plans.
Page 169 The HOn3 Trestle Final Build Pictures.
Page 171 More Aspen Trees
Page 172 Moving on to Volume 2 of the S&S RR Build.


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