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John, I don't understand why you are only working on four things at once?
To me, the amazing thing is you are doing all four extremely well.
Each one having it's own signature.
Thank you for sharing your incredible work.


You ask a great question - why do I have 4 projects going at once? It's just the way I roll I guess.  It works real well for me when I'm going through the building process. I move from one workbench to the other as I'm waiting for glue or paint to dry.  The problem is that I always end up with all of builds needing the detail castings at the same time. Which means weeks of painting castings before I can finish up a model.  This time I'm trying something different.  I'm actually painting the castings for my next build - FSM's Fox Run - while I'm painting the casting for Mackenzie's, the Locomotive Works, and my challenge build the Monster Model Works Yard Tower. I'm hoping that I can keep going with Fox Run and have a smaller batch of castings for my next build sequence. We will see if this works better.

Excellent modeling and weathering.

Thanks Curt - my weathering kind of evolves as I go through the building process. One of the issues I'm having with posting pictures is that the new phones like to automatically enhance photographs. I will get the SLR out when I'm close to being finished and try to post some better photographs.

Loco works is a great project. Enjoying watching a highly skilled builder. Jim


Thanks - I try to make up for the skill thing with working hard at it.

Very Nice... all this project are piece of art.


Thank you for the very kind words.


Wow!  The flooring, both wood and brick, looks so real it knocks me out every time I check your progress.  That is going to be one awesome shop.


Thanks for stopping by the thread and the kind words. If I use all the castings I have primed it's going to be one very busy place.

Kit Building / Re: LaMont Camera by Fos
« on: Today at 01:57:30 PM »


It's good to see you back at your workbench - it should be very therapeutic after the week you just had. The build looks great.

Very cool... sir

See ya


Thanks - I'm having fun with it!


Now, that's fine scale modeling. Very cool - and you can't get to carried away with modeling. It's the details my friend.

Baggage Car - Daily Chat / Re: Saturday
« on: Today at 07:32:53 AM »
Good morning! Some early birds this morning. I just put the coffee on. I plan on spending most of the day at the workbench. I'm taking the CFO of the S&S RR out to brunch to explain all my purchases this week. ;)  I hope everyone has a great day.  Here's another photograph from the Narrow Gauge Convention Layout Tours for inspiration. 

I have some of the machine tools painted for the Locomotive Works build.  I'm adding them, as I finish the painting, to the build to test different locations and arrangements. 

The Mackenzie Build is back on the workbench and ready for all those detail castings.

The detailing bench is full of castings in various stages of being painted.  I will be at this for a couple weeks with the castings for four different builds.

Top notch work John.  I will be watching for the finished Scene.



Thank you for the kind words and for following along. I should be finishing the interior detail in the next few days - and then it will be time for a roof.

I really like the rail map on the back wall.


Thank you - the detail shows up well enough to be able to tell that it's a map of the actual yard the viewer is looking at.


I agree with everyone's comments.  The coloring of the bricks is great, and your interior details are coming along very well.  I hope this is going to be right near the front edge of your layout where viewers can really appreciate your craftsmanship.


Thanks for the kind words. Yes - this build will be within 18 inches of the layout edge so viewers should be able to see the interior detail.

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