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Once the roof goes on - I will need lots of LED lighting to show off the interior.  I will have traditional shop lights and I also plan to have lighting in the roof sheds.

As you can see from this sequence of pictures, I kept taking more and more of the wall away until I ended up with this.  It is 12 feet high with cuts for windows for two bays, a 12 foot door in the front and a 20 foot opening in the back for material to move back and forth between the machine shop,  and the locomotives. I also lowered the wall to 5 feet for the bay closest to the back to help with visibility into the machine shop.

The next, fitting and layout issue was the wall that will separate the inspection pits from the machine shop. The wall is required to keep the operations separate and makes a nice break point for the two types of flooring that I'm using for the facility.  I started with a full wall all the way to the top of the bottom of the roof beams to see how much a view block it would be. I then started cutting until I had something that was functional and didn't block the view of the machine shop details.

This afternoon, I did a test fit of the overhead crane that will service the inspection pits on the Locomotive works. IT FITS! The crane clears the roof beams with about 3 scale inches to spare, and the control shed clears the top of my tallest locomotive. There was a lot of measuring and remeasuring involved with this one. 

Wow  John , what a bunch of great layouts, thank you so much for showing and sharing this with us.


You are welcome.  I have about 500 more pictures in the directory from the Colorado Narrow Gauge and probably a third of them will be worth posting.  I will then start the process from the 2015 Narrow Gauge Convention that was held in Houston, TX. I missed the 2016 Narrow Gauge Convention in Maine - it was too close to my daughter's wedding. Depending on the response from the forum members I can then work on threads from about a dozen previous Narrow Gauge Conventions that I attended and photographed.


Great pictures, thank you for taking all the pictures and the time involved to post them.



Thanks for stopping by and the kind words. As you know, there is some time involved in getting the pictures on the forum. I hope to post pictures from some of the previous Narrow Gauge Layout Tours in the coming months if the forum members enjoy them. We will see how many people view this batch and then go from there.


The interior cross beams look great. Changes the entire look of the interior.

Tom ;D


Thanks - I'm finally at the point where I will be adding details daily that change the look of this interior. There will be a lot of testing first, before I decide on the final look.

It actually has more of a yellow tinge to it than is apparent in this iPhone pic.


From your picture - did you paint it with the two colors (the small sample) - then whip it off to let the base color show through?


Thanks for the close-up pictures of the brick.  Solid color brick walls are actually more rare than the multi-color brick in this wall.  I'm trying to develop a technique to get the variation in HO brick. I can color individual bricks - which helps.  What I want to achieve is the bands of color within the brick like I get with hydrocal rock castings. I ordered some blank brick walls to do some experimenting.

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