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Baggage Car - Daily Chat / Which kit do you like?
« on: January 06, 2018, 08:56:43 PM »
Hi all,

      I've noticed all these different great "build challenges".  So I was wondering; what is it about building structures attracts?  What is the best or most sot after kit to build? What is the most popular kit to build?  What's a good structure kit to build?   Thanx Thom...

Hi everyone!
           Wanted to share pics of a fun rebuild & Dcc sound upgrade.  After stripping and soldering loose parts, I worked on articulating front bogie to traverse uneven track better.  Added all wheel pickups.  Added Zimo sound decoder with current keeper and nano led headlights, 2x3mm cab light and nano red led in a custom made rear lantern and peeling paint weathering.  Hope you enjoy!  One note here:  Bryan from The Streamlined Backshop helped me with the Zimo 4 cylinder gasoline sound file.  Very cool.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Thanx Thom...

Rolling Stock / Upgrading an PSC Milwaukee Rd Electric Box Cab to Dcc
« on: October 30, 2017, 09:21:10 PM »
Hi all,
      Thought I'd share a pictorial on some particulars with making a factory painted shelf dust collector upgraded to an operating Dcc layout runner.  Starting with the basic running aspects.  The motor runs smoothly and has less than a half of amp or draw.  The gear boxes and couplings operate correctly as well. 

However the front truck doesn't swing freely and completely when running through a 22"  "S"  curves. So the first order was to determine the frame ladder was preventing the truck a complete swing.

A simple fix of grinding the outer frame rail to the point of clearing the ladder.  Once painted this type of repair is simple and doesn't affect the pilot or operation of the truck or can be seen. Also noticing the lower frame ladders are soldered crooked.

I took the time to make slight paint removal to resistant solder the ladders straight again.   Thanx Thom...

Hi all,
        Considering what you particularly like most about Model Railroading!  What do you want to see more of or better of?

For example: but not limited to...

If you like running trains.  Do you want to see longer consists or more reliable equipment? or etc.
If you like structure building.  Do you want to see more harder or easier kits offered or more choices for your era modern or old? or etc.
If you like painting equipment or structures.  Do you want to see more color choices or better quality or easier to apply paints? or etc.
If you like wiring. Do you want to see more specific function electronics or easier to install electrical components? or etc
If you like the fellowship.  Do you want to see more of your favorite modelers or want to meet more modelers you don't know? or etc.
If you like railroad specific.  Do you want to see more short line or fallin flag equipment? or etc.
If you like trackwork.  Do you want to see more custom size switches or better quality products offered? or etc.
If you like decaling.  Do you want to see more choices offered or better printers to print your own? or etc.
If you like simply watching train videos or magazines.  Do you want more specific topics or larger variety on modeling or more online or more on paper? or etc.

The list is only limited by you:

So, Considering what you particularly like about Model Railroading!  What do you want to see more of or better of?  I know it's hard to pick just one particular thing , but everyone has a particular or favorite talent.
Thanx Thom...

With all the detail demands for manufacturers to add underside details to Engines & Rollingstock.

A dirty question arises if you're going to spend time weathering a highly detailed model.

Should you weather the underside as well? If not why? If yes, then to what extent?

Here are some pics of what I'm discussing. Thanx Thom... Truth be told, I've weathered a few engine undercarriages to some degree but not fully, but never thought to take a picture of- funny huh. :o

Hi all,
          For the most part, most model railroads are modeled somewhere from late 1800's to 1980's. (for this question forget any modeled layouts of late 1980' to present).  So my question for those who model layouts-

Do you model the interlocking pipe along side the tracks for switches/signals. If no, why not?  If yes, what are your techniques?  I see a lot of layouts online and in the magazines and most don't show that part of detailing.  Why not?  Those that do, do it decent justice for the most part.

Is this something that's overlooked or to hard or perhaps not really understood enough?  Are you a fan of the interlocking pipes? and Why?  Me!  I'm a fan of the pipes, however (truth be told) I only got to scenery detailing on two layouts of the 11 I started. 

On one of them I didn't model pipe because I didn't really know what they were at the time.  The other was rustic steam logging (stub end rail with no signal lights).  If I was to do a layout today, I would probably model the early 1980's and would only show them as relics of days gone by, but I do think they are really cool to model if I did.

What say you?  Thanx Thom...

Hi all,

So with all the cool models and accurate details one can either buy or build themselves today.

What's, one to do with actual opening doors of a boxcar? Keep'em closed all the time?

News flash! Most boxcar models are molded closed. So why buy one that opens at all, if one keeps'em closed all the time?

I say each piece of rollingstock is it's own part of the overall modeling and modeling is about not how many exactly the same cars I can own and run. (yes excluding unit trains) (that's a different story).

I say utilizing a different model and making it stand out with weathering is a very good step.

Then weathering what one can see on the inside takes it to another level.

As a kid, I was so excited to have a boxcar with a door that opened. Now I'm so excited with what I can show with it open.

I'm not talking about running down the track with all doors open and product about to fall out. (tho that gives me an idea now).

I notice when one models a highly detailed structure, modelers add many details inside/even under the roof detail.(they even model the roof removable...why?

These are my thoughts and a few pics (which show some examples). What's your thoughts and pics?(if you have any you'd like to post)(please do!). Thanx Thom...

Baggage Car - Daily Chat / Trains Brain Teaser
« on: September 20, 2017, 09:59:20 PM »
Here's another easy one.

Two high speed intermodal trains are traveling at 80 mph on the same track, one UP & one NS starting from zero they leave at the same time and continue at the same speed and never slow down. Both trains never touch... How is this possible?  Thanx Thom...

Baggage Car - Daily Chat / Brain teaser!
« on: September 12, 2017, 08:17:00 PM »
Brain Teaser:  Trust me it's simple. ???

Vsm upi gohitr piy jpe o
, yu[omh yjod pm yjr lru npstf/
zo djogyrf ,u jsmfd pm yjr lru npsrf 2 ;ryyrt pbrt/ zjs/

This is really cool! 

Hi all,

    Okay!, Let's talk: 

So with all the youtube how to's, magazines, books, online forums, articles, Dvd's, videos, friends, local clubs, hobby shops, online specific technique websites, tools etc. out there to show, help or assist you with your modeling skills.

What part of modeling (anything) haven't you developed or learned how to do, to a level you need or wanted to be at now?

What do you need for help to learn or better assist you in achieving your self modeling goal?

I'm talking all of it or any part of it! Painting brass, plastic, wood, cast, gluing with glue marks, weathering of any materials, wiring, lighting, benchwork, layout design, structure building, photography, maintenance on engines, rollingstock, airbrushing, grit blasting, adding all wheel pickups, dry brushing, switches or motors or any part of modeling.

Please be honest! Help someone viewing by acknowledging what you need to better develop as a modeler wanting to be a better modeler.

Who knows? Maybe someone watching will write or make a new how to video on that subject?

The worst skill in modeling is not developing all your modeling skills!

Trust me if you can do it yourself, the more you want to do it yourself. It makes $$ & sense.    Thanx Thom...

Hi all,
So most of us are old enough to remember some of the first videos on model railroading.

I think somewhere in the early 80's if that's right?

It was so cool to see layouts & the person's who built them in a live moving context.

Since then till now, there are countless videos (i.e. DvD's, Blu-ray's etc.) made on even more countless subjects of modeling. All even more awesome than the last.

So what is the one or two that stick out the most to you & why?

I know it's hard to choose a favorite, but we do it everyday at the grocery or online with website search engines etc.

So it can be done.

For me! Not sure as to why, but I liked the first quick 10 minute layouts series with (6 at a time) tours from model railroader hosted by Allen Keller.

I just like to see so many quick interviews and layout tours which I read about for so many years prior.

And then later the pentrex series with the NdeM copper canyon footage was a staple.

But My most favorite was the pentrex Lemassa club 1 hour tour was the one that did it for me.     Thanx Thom...

Hi all,
Question: What would you be doing if you didn't like trains or model railroading? Thanx Thom...

With all the demand on manufacturers to produce more & more accurate detailed models, isn't proper weathering also part of your demand list?  Why is weathering always included & expected in modeling contests, but not our everyday modeling?

What is too light weathering for your models (just dusting)?
What is too heavy weathering for your models (de-stressed or altered parts)?

Should there be a monolithic weathering theme for your models (all light eveningly applied)?
Should there be a varied weathering theme (light, medium, heavy uneven throughout)?

Are your very rare or expensive models weathered?
Are very well well done weathered models or very poorly weathered models an a incentive or distraction to try weathering yourself? (ARE YOU AFRAID OR EXCITED OF WEATHERING?)

What say you?

Hi all,

     If you visited the F&SM rr anytime over the last 30+ years you must have a picture you are either most proud of, or best shot of, or most rare picture containing an angle or happening there that you'd like to share!  I bet there are some absolutely beautiful shots out there.  So what's your BEST .  Here's a rare night shot of the Rocky Point Harbor Station.  Thanx Thom...

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