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Next we have Denny Krausman's - ATSF

I also, finally finished all of the windows for the build. Tomorrow, I plan to start installing them in the roof sheds and maybe in the stone part of the building.

Finally, here is a picture with all the surfaces washed down with A&I and the corner posts painted box car red. I have the sheds sitting on the roof card in location to get a feel for how they will look.

I know, too bright!  So here is what it looks like after the A&I wash on the right side.  Left side is just the paint.

More progress today on the roof top sheds.  First, I painted them with the flat yellow over the primer.  I used a very thin coat of paint so some of the grey showed through.


It's looking great so far - I too like the wall color.

Kit Building / Re: John H. Murray & Son Coal Dealership
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Very nice work!

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