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Layout Tours / Re: Ogden & Cache Valley RR
« Last post by Onewolf on Today at 10:55:53 AM »
Status update....

I am redoing/replacing the double track mainline that circles behind the (future) turntable/roundhouse area. There were issues with the levelness of the Homasote subroadbed and the double gapped curved track was causing problems so I decided for a complete redo of that area. The new track-work is much better/smoother/reliable.  Redoing existing track-work is somewhat annoying but the end results are worth it.  I learned quite a bit as I went along and my track-work improved considerably relative to the first parts of track I installed.

Still trying to figure out a formula/process for weathering the track.  I have about 1200 ft of visible track to weather so I want to figure out a reasonably efficient/repeatable process that doesn't involve me dying in a cloud of spray paint fumes.

The current test process I'm trying is to spray with the original (too reddish) brown from a low angle on the side (rust on sides of track)....

And then come back with Rustoleum Camo Ultra Flat 'Earth Brown' from directly above to color the ties dark brown while leaving some reddish brown on the sides of the track.

Baggage Car - Daily Chat / Re: Monday - National Buy-a-Mattress Day
« Last post by Erieman on Today at 10:40:13 AM »
Good Morning All,

A big dark cloud is passing over Scottsdale, but it appears that it will not produce any rain. DRATS. So-o-o, i'm in the train room for a bit. Finishing up two cars for judging at the next NMRA meet. One care is a bobber caboose. I bought it for a dollar at a swap meet. the former builder used Walthers Goo to assemble the kit. Many of you will know what happened over time. After taking the caboose apart and cleaning it up, I found that the zamac cast ends were bad, really bad, so they had to be rebuilt. I have rebuilt the ends, detailed the interior and working on the underside details. Hopefully, it will be completed later today. I'll post a pic on my thread later. Hope everyone has a great Presidents Day. Off to the gym shortly.

Frank / Erieman
So  one of my RR cronies said I was getting too carried away.......  He might be right.

Below are two roughed in beer signs from the source photo on the side of Kline's Saloon.

Curiously the one partially hidden and farther away is more legible..

I am however, having too much fun with this whole thing.

see ya

Even if you are getting too carried away, Don't Stop!  We love what your doing.  That sign made out of brass is pretty dang cool.....

 ;D ;D ;D
Kit Building / Re: FOS Radio Station WKLO
« Last post by ReadingBob on Today at 10:34:55 AM »
Beautiful work Bob..... 8)

Thanks Greg!  You too will get to see this one in person one of these days.   :D

Looking forward to it Bob.....the A&S is really looking great, but the way you have been adding lighting to your builds and now Tom's efforts with lighting is going to send it over the top.  8)

The A&S is looking wonderful and the lighting certainly adds another aspect to it.  Not that long ago I wouldn't have considered adding lighting to structures but now I'm hooked.   8)   
Yo Tom,
Have you posted a video of a train running thru the Ovalix?  I would love to see that in action!

 ;D ;D ;D
Kit Building / Re: FOS Radio Station WKLO
« Last post by ReadingBob on Today at 10:31:56 AM »
Nicely done, Bob. Great thread as always.

Thank you very kindly Dave!  Always a pleasure to share with this great group of modelers.    :)
Kit Building / Re: FOS Radio Station WKLO
« Last post by ReadingBob on Today at 10:30:55 AM »
That sure turned out nicely, Bob.  I'll use your thread for reference if I ever get around to building my WKLO kit.   :D


Thanks Dr. Jeff!  I'll probably have to use my own thread as a reference when I build the one I have in my stash (someday).   :D 
Kit Building / Re: FOS Radio Station WKLO
« Last post by ReadingBob on Today at 10:29:01 AM »
Hi Bob:

Coming along quite nicely. Great job with the signs and the color scheme.


Thanks Karl!  The next step will be for Tom to plant it on his layout and scenic around it.  I'm not sure when that'll happen but I'm looking forward to seeing it in place.
Baggage Car - Daily Chat / Re: Monday - National Buy-a-Mattress Day
« Last post by ReadingBob on Today at 10:22:47 AM »
Morning all,

Day off today and I'm about to settle down at the workbench.   :D  I'll have to take a short break to run up to the dealer and pick up my car when they're finished with.  Nothing wrong, just a courtesy check up 90 days after the purchase.

We've been talking about getting a new mattress.  Then again, we've been talking about getting a new mattress for years now so I doubt today will be the day.   :P

Have a great one!
Vehicle Modeling / Re: Chicago-Pneumatic Model 500 Compressor
« Last post by AndreasK on Today at 10:10:13 AM »
Jerry... Wow, what a great find! Now I have a backside view and some better details of the compressor part of CP Model 500. Thanks a lot!  :) I have contacted the seller to see whether the manual has additional photos and maybe even some drawings...

This 1953 manual covers a more modern version that e.g. had rubber-tired wheels and not the steel wheels of the c. 1943 Model 500. I will stick to the 1943 model though as the steel wheels look really cool and etched nickel-silver spoke inserts for them have already been designed and hopefully will arrive in a few weeks. My friend Christian also has an appropriate brass tube that he will cut some slices off on his lathe to complete the wheels...

As you can see, not only researching this compressor is a team effort, but also building it.  :D

Vietnam Seabee... Thanks a lot for sending the Seabee link. I will see if the WW2 photos on that site show a CP Model 500.

Andreas Kuehnpast
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