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Layout Tours / Re: The Atlantic and Southern Build Thread Continued
« Last post by jbvb on Today at 08:39:24 PM »
Are you using resistors on your LEDs, or a current-limiting device?
Layout Tours / Re: Backwoods NE in Florida
« Last post by Cuse on Today at 08:12:16 PM »
Doing a little more cutting and fitting and mocking...
Rolling Stock / Re: Passenger Cars, Prototype and models
« Last post by tom.boyd.125 on Today at 05:34:43 PM »
 Here's a photo of a unique business car from the collection of Marty Bernard taken in Rochelle Illinois...that was turned into a detector car !
Ex CB&Q Business Car # 93 that was originally acquired from the St. Louis, Keobuck & Northwestern RR car # 77 ...
 So here is it, a prototype passenger car turned into a one of a kind model.  Glad Marty was from my hometown of Chicago and worked on that RR... 8)
Layout Tours / Re: Janbouli's Home Layout The Kannewton & CC
« Last post by Janbouli on Today at 05:34:36 PM »
Working on a few things at the same time now, built a dam for the watermill.

Scratchbuilding / Re: My winter project - Oakley Street Chicago
« Last post by PRR Modeler on Today at 05:30:17 PM »
Great craftsmanship.
Kit Building / Re: FOS Radio Station WKLO
« Last post by richbeau on Today at 04:12:15 PM »
Nice work Bob! Classic look of an old radio station.

You should read about WKLO broadcasting out of Louisville, KY. For about ten years from the mid-1960s until the mid-1970s it was one of the big Top 40 stations. I'm guessing there might be some 'history' of Doug with that era.
Kit Building / Re: FSM Sawmill kit 170
« Last post by richbeau on Today at 03:57:35 PM »
Scott PM me your email address and I'll sent you scans of those templates.
I'm also guessing that you may also be missing the 'Logs, Idea and Suggestion' sheet
Kit Building / Re: FSM Sawmill kit 170
« Last post by Mecrr22 on Today at 03:44:17 PM »
Iím afraid I need help from the group again.  Still encountering missing wood which I can cope with but as the build has gone on discovered I had instructions for kit 150 and 170 and templates mostly from 140 kit. So now I have to ask if anyone can help me with templates 6 to 10 for the 170 kit.  I gues this is why it was such a good deal when I bought it. Buyer beware I guess.  Thank you for any help you can give. scot H
Saturday 14 April is also the day of this year's Hub Division 'Spring Training' convention in Bridgewater, MA, and a layout tour in Massachusetts south of Boston extending into Rhode Island.
Rolling Stock / Re: Passenger Cars, Prototype and models
« Last post by tct855 on Today at 01:37:30 PM »
I had fun building, detailing, painting & weathering These two brass passenger cars many years ago.  The cars started out as two single unpainted no truck cars.  After adding/modifying Central Valley Trucks, Kadee couplers & boxes I also added Preiser seats and figures w/widow glazing along with painted shades.  Never had an operating issue with these cars ever since.    Thanx Thom...
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