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Hello forum members.

I am new to model making. This project I am currently doing, and been doing for a long time, is for our local maritime museum.
It has nothing to do with railway, though I wish it did. Unfortunately, the railway here did not directly service the Port of Ballina, (NSW, Australia).
The actual lift-span bridge is 25 km south of Ballina, and located in a small town called Wardell.

My background, when I was younger, involved welding, diesel mechanic, and avionics (RAAF). Today I do volunteer work for the museum. It was the avionics side which got me roped into doing this project. The museum acquired the original console for the bridge. The bridge had two updates since then. I was asked if the console could operate a model lift-span bridge. My answer was yes. So now they got me to not only convert the console to do the job, but to build the model bridge as well.

I soon discovered that there is no schematic diagrams for the console, or any available (to public) plan drawings of the bridge. The bridge and console go back to 1964. So the whole project is scratch-build. one good thing though was that the current bridge operator was able to decipher how the control panel was used.

Here is a photograph of the original bridge.

The original console in the museum workshop.

The museum is a non-profit organisation and is limited with funding the project, so I too am limited with what materials and parts I can use. So bare with me if you see me using, or making bits, which you know I could have bought from a hobby shop. I do a lot of Internet research for available bits, but if they don't suit me, or too expensive, then I use alternative methods.

Hopefully some of the forum members will be interested to see this project unfold. If so, I will start downloading photographs at a piecemeal rate.
The project is currently about half-way to completion.
The allocated display table area is 2400 x 1200 mm (8 x 4 feet).

                  This is really one cool bridge!  Can't wait to see and learn more!
                                                                                                                Cheers!     Thanx Thom...

That console has a lot of buttons for something that only needs "up" and "down".   :)   Looks like an interesting project.


I'm looking forward to seeing your build.....welcome to the forum.  :)

Hey Sparky:

That is quite the project. I will be following along with great interest. Keep the photos coming.



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