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My winter project - Oakley Street Chicago

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So I have run out of everything else to do.  The trolley projects are all done and aside from a gauging deal in the Nampa yard.......... most stuff is running pretty well.

I finished my MMR about seven years ago and have added motive power to the original seven certificates about three years ago.

So I'm on to another.  The category is prototype modeling and it is an interesting one as you are recreating a scene that has some distinct criteria.  I have a few "friends" here in downtown Idaho who think that one MMR is enough but they obviously have not heard of oak leaf clusters and like that in the military when you do something stupid more than once and get decorated for it a second or third time.  For example, I have four Viet Nam campaign stars for the one year I was there for my all expense paid vacation on the PBR boats.

So here is what I am building.  Not every photo out there is suitable but this one is and it is fun as I lived within about two miles of where this photo was taken in 1893. No I was not there when they took the photo however! !

It is at Oakley Street on the Lake Street Elevated Railroad looking north about the time of the opening of service to California Street.  Additional service was opened within a few weeks.

The loco is one of about a dozen that they originally ordered from the Rhode Island loco works the year before.  The steamers were only in service for about four years before the entire line was put to third rail 600 volts.

I am starting with a Forney loco that was imported in the mid 1960's to Chicago to resemble these pots.  It's close but needs a bunch of detail stuff.

The passenger car is a Labelle narrow gauge car that I have started by cutting it down from fourteen windows to twelve as shown.  Also there are no steps as they used platforms at all stops.  I am in the process of redoing the end sills and railings now and will put up photos of that in a short while.

So here is the starting point.  My goal is to have it ready in the spring for the local division meet and then take it to the PNR meet in Portland in June.

Wish me luck ! ! ! !

se ya

Good luck Bob! Very cool project. I will be following along.

Another MMR in the making. Good luck Bob....I know you can.

Is this standard gauge?  Are you going to "broaden" the coach?


Dave ....

It is standard gauge but the coaches were rather small. Itís amazing how much information is out there about this line.  There is one in the main hall at the Chicago history museum on Clark street in Chicago.

Also,  even though the locos were all ordered at the same time there are huge differences within a short time of delivery. Arc lights seem to be a glaring difference on some.  Iíve never found a schedule that indicated a difference between day and night service locos.

The first batch had Stevenson slide valve gear and a second batch that went first to the south side line and later mixed around has piston valves.

Thanx for looking in.


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