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Scratchbuilt loco and car Shed in HO, no prototype.

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I have been busy posting this on both Facebook and the RRLine forum, and to be honest, keep forgetting about this site, UNTIL, Bob Van Gelder bought it up in an email today.

So, to sum up, I am starting a new layout, or to be more precise, for me, a large operating diorama. I'm not into operations much, but I do love dioramas, and this one, a 5' x 10' area, will be my biggest dio ever.

So, my first structure I am  building specifically for the , oh, lets just call it what it is, layout (ok, there, I've said it), is an Loco and Car shed (or shop, I'm not particular). It will have 3 stalls, one for repair and re-dress of freight cars, and of the other two, one will have an inspection pit. With lights.

This is going to be a long winded project, just for this building, as I am going to the max on detail, which includes operating doors made with scratchbuilt brass sheet and brass tubing with door latches to hold it open when in use.

I drew out the plans for the wall bracing, and when that part was built, added the siding. I went then to the floor, board by board, added rails, an inspection pit, lights, and now I am on the doors and hinges. Here are the shots I have so far, obviously, not all of them, but a good selection. 

Since I have only 6 pictures per post, I will show more in the next several posts.

Tony B.

Adding a few more. I may do this over several days. The last one here is the start of how I made the window frames, so I will stop for the moment and continue this part later.

Tony B.

Hey Adm. Nelson

I will be following along. Looks great so far.



--- Quote from: postalkarl on December 17, 2017, 05:04:48 PM ---Hey Adm. Nelson

I will be following along. Looks great so far.


--- End quote ---

Thanks Karl, and you just reminded me, my name doesn't show up here  :P. So, for the record, my name is Tony Burgess, but I go by Tony.  :D

Count me in on the followers and lurkers as well.

Tom ;D


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