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Hey all,
 Here is the next scratch build I am going to tackle. The old #11 blade was busy last couple days, as you can see for the majority of the walls are cut out.
I still need a little more B&B for the conveyor shed. The peeling paint effect, I wanted to try something new. I am not sure if I read this someplace, or it just popped into my head. I was standing in Michaels, and I was thinking, "what will paint not stick well to?" WAX was the answer I got. I painted on the  trusty driftwood pickling wash, than a thin coat of clear wax. on top of that goes the Skyline blue. Once this has dried for awhile, I take the euro scratch tool, and lightly scrape off paint here, and there. I than hit it with a grimy black wash, and dry brush ever so lightly with a lighter skyline shade. Excuse the crappy lighting again for the photos. One day I will get it right....
 On a side note, the kit that I have, seems to be missing some castings, I think. If anyone out there has the Tannery on a shelf, and can check to see that there should be three of the standard freight doors as pictured, that would be great. If anyone has two of these in their spares box, I would certainly pay for them, so that I can make the kit complete. Thanks for taking a look...

PRR Modeler:
I'm following.  That's a great shade and I really like the weathering.

Thankfully even FSM hasn't figured out how to package 'authentic smells' into a tannery kit!!!

Don't forget to earmark a couple of your railroad's worst cars for hide service, possibly the worst cargo a steam era RR could haul.


Tannery smells.  WOW. Thatís a scratch and sniff that I will pass on. 

How do you scale down smells???

1/87th of bad is still bad !!!

See ya

Interesting structure Loren.....I'll be looking in.  :)


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