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I hope Bob's scrapple agreed with him yesterday.
Got to start concentrating on preparations for Timonium next weekend. Have several locos that need maintenance prior to next Thursday. I'll save all the rolling stock checkups for our late June presentation at Strasburg, PA
Chilly here this AM. The furnace just started.
Keep smiling: it'll make the populus wonder what you're up to.
Scrapple, Bob? You're the only person I've met who will admit in public to consuming scrapple! Must be something in that Pennsylvania heritage you have.
Today's saving grace is it's Ops night. Challenging layout based on Appalachian coal roads. Big crew, lots of fun.
Behave yourselves out there today!
Baggage Car - Daily Chat / Re: Friday - 04/12/2024
April 12, 2024, 08:07:53 AM
How appropriate, Bob!
Two weeks from today we'll be hauling the Reading Company module to Timonium, MD for display. Can't think of a better way to celebrate your freedom.
Kit Building / Re: ITLA Modular Industry
April 09, 2024, 01:10:15 PM
Thanks in advance for the thread.
ITLA kits have fascinated me for quite some time, so broke down and bought one at Springfield this winter. Now all I need is the courage to try and build it. (Know that's backward.)
Thanks for you documentation.
Gang mowers are back! Surprised they're able to run through the swamps created by our recent bouts with rain. In addition, neighbors roofing crew arrived just after 7 AM, so I'm up. Coffee seems very effective this AM.
Enjoy your extra darkness today.
Baggage Car - Daily Chat / Re: Sunday April 7, 2024
April 07, 2024, 12:36:46 PM
Just topped the gangway. Sorry for being AWOL, but I haven't found an appropriate way to make my entry from an iPad from church. Maybe the name Ridge Valley will give you an idea of our cell phone reception from the choir loft.
Basement day today unless the Woman's Final Four distracts me. Focusing on the fact that the Timonium show is less than four weeks from this weekend and there's a lot of repair, tuning up and maintenance to be done prior.
Gotta' run. Hope to great you all on the flip side tomorrow.
Baggage Car - Daily Chat / Thursday, April 4th
April 04, 2024, 08:05:55 AM
Morning all,
Had to fumble around to find my key this morning, but here goes.
Up early this morning as the catering truck needs to go for state inspection and I've got "stuff" to accomplish before my wife gets home from her week in New England.
Have a wonderful day, and remember, no glue sniffing.
Baggage Car - Daily Chat / Re: Tuesday April 2, 2024
April 02, 2024, 09:27:27 AM
Quote from: ACL1504 on April 02, 2024, 09:20:03 AMWhat Greg said above!
Baggage Car - Daily Chat / Re: Friday - 03/29/2024
March 29, 2024, 07:45:47 AM
Stopped by, coffee mug in hand.
Enjoy your Good Friday if you're so inclined.
Baggage Car - Daily Chat / Re: Friday 12 March
March 22, 2024, 08:25:50 AM
You are welcome to stop in suburban Philadelphia and warm up the coffee. I'm such a sport, I'll even offer you some, fresh.
Slow day today before our son arrives from the People's Commonwealth, but that changes tomorrow when he picks his son up for a week-long stay.
Have a happy!
Back to reality after a 5 day, 1800-mile car trip to see friends in Illinois and a stop at the Gerald Ford Museum. There's no history at the Museum. We lived through all of it and knew several of those involved. That can't be "history": just a trip town memory lane.
Enjoy whatever you're up today and please keep those webcams covered.
Sun's up.
I'm up.
Time to see what I can be up to today.
Baggage Car - Daily Chat / Re: Friday, March 8, 2024
March 08, 2024, 08:53:36 AM
Sun's out in my corner of Reading country this morning.
A lot of "stuff" on the list this morning ahead of what I really want to do (as usual). Best get started on some of them.
Baggage Car - Daily Chat / Re: Tuesday March 5, 2024
March 05, 2024, 10:57:26 AM
Back to the dentist this afternoon. He didn't get all of the root out in one of the extractions last week.
Ouch, (in advance)!
Baggage Car - Daily Chat / Re: Thursday Febuary 29, 2024
February 29, 2024, 09:55:20 AM
After reading the thread this AM, glad to know I have no unusual problems. Would like to be skipping the dental routine though. 
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