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I edited a picture of it in b&w.

It looks a bit more historical like that...  8)
Some better pics...
The San Miguel Herald (or SMH for short, as the content always make you shake your head...).

I´m quite satisfied with the guy with the block and tackle.

The old man proof reading todays edition....

The chimney that I made from a balsa core covered with cardboard bricks.

It's very rewarding to read your comments.
Final weathering is done, the roof got a light weathering as well.

I modified a standing Preiser figure to make him sitting on the bench on the porch.

He got a newspaper to read as well. 😁

I made a ladder for the roof.
I rebuilt the block and tackle into four ropes instead of three.

Now there only are things left to do at a later time, such as the lighting.
Thanks!  :D
I painted and slightly modified a figure to handle the block and tackle.
I also made a load of an oil barrel for it as well.

It looks quite alright to me.
Thanks!  :D

I made a sign for the front entrance. Cardboard and wood with decals from micro scale.

Touched up some areas as well....

I'm really satisfied with how my wood blocks turned out.

Some bits and pieces on the floor as well.

The chimney was made by covering a balsa core with cardboard bricks.

Added flooring in the office.

Now it's only some interior detailing and lights left to do.
Almost finished!
Just some small details left to do.

This kit was a real enjoyment from the beginning to the end.
It was fun to see what parts needed extra details or alterations.
Totally recommended!
Did some more on the kit.
Painted the foundation, shingled the roof and added a fire platform.

Added a tar paper roof on the porch.

There's a bit more to do, but it's getting there....
Kit Building / Re: Evemodel O scale kit
January 23, 2022, 02:42:39 PM
I painted the walls today.
As the walls already had the old wood color, I started with a layer of hairspray to prepare for the weathering.
I mixed a light greyish green color with paint from AK.
I airbrushed the walls with a thin covering layer.

I then chipped the paint revealing the old wood underneath.
That's achieved by moistening the dry paint with water and then removing the paint with a toothpick.

The text was painted with a hand cut mask that i very lightly airbrushed with a light green paint, just enough to see the text.
I then painted the letters by hand, adding the serifs and shadow.
The San Miguel Herald, the newspaper that gives the term SMH (Shaking My Head) a meaning!  ;D
Kit Building / Re: Evemodel O scale kit
January 22, 2022, 12:43:06 PM
I've started the build of the kit.
This is the box art:

It's actually a very uncomplicated kit, but it has a lot of potential!

The contents of the kit, it seems to be made of ABS.

The walls are shiplap siding, but a bit plain.

I decided to add some wood grain on the planks.

I use only an Xacto blade to scribe the plastic.

I scribe with the side of the blade, when it makes nice corkscrews of plastic, you got the right technique.

Then I decided to add some nail holes and plank ends.

I measure a framing on the surface with 2' centers.
I emboss the nails with a tool I made using a wooden handle with a sharp compass needle mounted in it.

I had to fill some joints after gluing the main structure together.
I used thin plastic cement to get a really good joint.

I primed the structure with grey spray primer before painting the walls with an old wood color. That makes the walls ready for paint.
Getting there....

Still have to glass the upstairs windows, add furniture and lights, rafter ends and final weathering....  8)
Hi all, I received a small package this morning.
A plastic kit for an O scale house that I found on Wish com.
A bit of progress.
The roof over the small building is built and painted.

The paper is the one that was supplied in the kit just to get some variation from the main roof
I use UV hardening glue actually.
It really makes it easy to fix the parts in the right position before activating it.
I don't know how common some other colors were in the US in the 19th century.
Here the most common were white, oxide red, black, green and ochre.
It was also common to make a light blueish color by mixing lamp black with white...
Dioramas / Re: The mine at Holy cross jct.
January 10, 2022, 12:24:34 PM
Quote from: deemery on January 10, 2022, 10:10:36 AM
What will fuel the boilers?  Where and how will the fuel get to the boilers?  And where will the ashes go?

Just some thoughts as you work through the model on location.

I think oil burners are the way to go, and it gives me an excuse for some oil tank cars....  8)
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