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Good morning, all.
Have some OJ and wake up.

Well, the one thing I DID NOT expect to see during a Las Vegas half time show was a marching band on the field. They even did formations (and spelled out USHER!)

Have a great day!
Baggage Car - Daily Chat / Thursday, Dec. 14
December 14, 2023, 08:02:07 AM
How many shopping days 'til Christmas? Better get busy...

The first Christmas concert by The Cleveland Orchestra was last night...Magnificent. Really gets me in the mood.

Wake up, y'all.
Baggage Car - Daily Chat / The Last day Of February 2021
February 28, 2021, 07:23:27 AM
Why is everyone sleeping in this morning?
Well, when the trumpet sounds tomorrow morning, You'll all have to March for 31 days!

Have a good one, folks.
Some of the most interesting and unusual diesels that were built during the transition era were the Fairbanks Morse units acquired by the Akron, Canton and Youngstown Railroad. This was a regional hauler with many interchanges in northern Ohio. They painted these units in a bright yellow, which was very eye-catching. I've always wished I had some HO models of these, but my budget never included brass, and these prototypes have only been made by a few commercial companies. I've studied what was available, and found some deals on eBay, so now I am starting a project...

Here are some prototype photos

This is ACY 208, an FM H16-44, which started service in 1957.

This is ACY 505, an FM H20-44, the very last one built by Fairbanks Morse. It is preserved in Galveston TX

The photos are from the book "Akron, Canton & Youngstown and Akron & Barberton Belt in Color. Author Robert E Lucas and the AC&Y Historical Society.
I'd like to join in... a very 'Old School' wood kit. Nothing like Campbell. Always found them so suitable for railroad settings.

The original price sticker on this box said $14.98

Here's the contents

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