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I finished the photo building flats.  A view of part of the section, and a view of the whole 9 yards  (actually more like 3 yards...)


I cut the buildings from Scenicking backdrops, and then laminate (transfer tape) to mat board.  I trim the mat board, then color the edges with red or dark grey artist markers.  Then I used double-sided carpet tape to attach to the photo backdrop.  (I'm actually scanning the Scenicking items, doing some color adjustments, and in a couple cases, cloning, then printing to matte photo paper.  I can also slightly scale/change the size of the individual buildings to fit.)

Tomorrow I'll put the structures back and take more photos.  I do have one structure to build, and also to finish sidewalks and roads.

Are you a "Junior Senior?"  You're still more Senior than I am.   ;D

Kit Building / Re: Syzdek Mfg by Downtown Deco
July 21, 2024, 06:27:46 PM
The 'side entrance building' idea is another winner.

Yesterday's weather was great, today's will be nice but a bit warmer.  I got some more work on the photo buildings, but I still have a hole to fill there.  So it's back to the computer to select and if necessary resize some scans to fill that gap.  The neighborhood Scotch club was in session last night, I stopped by a couple of times to chat when taking the dogs out, etc.  Today wife is making blueberry waffles.

Looks great!  I particularly like the Atlantis Insurance sign.  (I'm sure John Ott would approve, too!)

Greetings from SE NH, where the weather is perfect.  It got down to 58 last night, due to get up to 85 today, with lower humidity than we had this time last week.  

I tried a different pattern on mounting the photo buildings to the mat board.  As soon as I glued the photos and rolled them to set the image, I flipped the mat board over, misted that, and then put the weights on it.  We'll see if that gets a better result than my previous approach.  There's a couple more runs of photos I need to mount, then I should take the full set out and spray seal them (Golden Acrylic Archival Varnish) before mounting them.

Last night when taking the dogs out, I saw an albino skunk.  Of course I rushed to take the dogs back in before they discovered that, so no photos.

Congrats to Matt!!

I bet Bob is VERY HAPPY to be retired from Corporate IT today, since it's "Worldwide corporate BSOD day" on Windows computers....

After a trip to the store, more work on the buildings I cut from the backdrop.  That's coming along well, although it's a 4 day process to get them flattened out once they're mounted on the mat board.

I think decaling beakers and bottles would induce PTSD.  It would certainly produce lots of Language.   

Kit Building / Re: Syzdek Mfg by Downtown Deco
July 17, 2024, 09:53:35 AM
Ah, I missed the last post!  Those supports make me feel much better!  ;D

Another thing to consider: Add a pair of steel (Evergreen/Plastruct) I-Beams parallel to the wood joists, one near each end  That way, at least you're not depending on relatively weak wood joists to hold up the entire bump-out.

Kit Building / Re: Syzdek Mfg by Downtown Deco
July 17, 2024, 09:40:56 AM
Consider adding some diagonal braces underneath your excellent bump-out.  What I'd do is a wood beam that runs along the edge underneath the windows and below the joists, and then diagonal braces to support that against the walls.  Thinking as if I were a structural engineer, seems that supporting the overhang without this brace would create quite a load on the brick wall opening where the brick wall windows were.

The one complaint I have about Randy's kits is they are too "pre-aged".  Since I model 1890s, I'm looking for buildings that are relatively new.  Randy says "Well, my interest is in decrepit structures."  

Well, it's hot and humid in NH, too.  Weather should break Thursday.  Fortunately, we have A/C (it was a requirement when we moved here), but a lot of people don't.  And unlike previous years, it's been consistently hot for most of the last month. 

Anyway, work continues on the sidewalks, and on cutting up the Sceniking backdrop for buildings to paste onto the backdrop.  The basement is cool, although the dehumidifier heats it up rather significantly. 

Dr Jeff, do you make house calls with your new power washer?  Our the leeward sides of our house could use a good scrubbing?

Hot and humid here for the next 3 days, weather should break Wednesday evening or Thursday. 

Speaking of 'tripping circuit breakers' - the Arc Fault breaker that was being tripped by the basement/train room dehumidifier has only tripped once since I bought a Ground Fault breaker to replace it.  That breaker is still in the box.  I guess the threat of replacement was enough to make the Arc Fault behave. 

More work on the sidewalks today after German class.

add:  Pin wash added to the cracks.  The first photo is a close-up showing one corner with full pin wash, and the other with pin wash on the outsides only.  I'm using Vallejo acrylic dark grey wash.

and the full set of sidewalks done.  I sprayed them with A&I wash, which had the accidental benefit of adding some cracking to the acrylics on the slates.  
I need to let the paint re-cure after the A&I wash, then I'll do pigments and finally repaint the curbs.

I'm painting the slate sidewalks:
Yesterday I primed with a neutral grey spray paint.  I had problems with the nozzle so it didn't cover well and I got splatters that I wiped off.  But that's OK, the irregular coverage is an advantage.  Then I grabbed blue and several shades of gray and a 1/4 bristle brush on a yoghurt lid pallets.  I mixed some paint, painted a single square, went back and mixed a differet shade, painted the next square, etc.  I wanted to cover each square without bleeding into the adjacent squares, and I used a circular/scrubbing motion.  Then I went back and added some highlights/shading to down-play those squares that looked a bit too stark.  Once the paint is dry, I'll go back and paint the curbs a light grey color for granite, then let dry overnight.  Tomorrow I'll add A&I wash to bring out the cracks/joints, and then do some pigments for more texture.

Jeff, do they do Shoo-Fly Pie?  Very much NOT on my diabetic diet, but still delicious!

Our heat wave continues, and I've been seeing/hearing reports on the storm damage in VT and northern NH.  I'm glad my friend did the Appalachian Trail last year.  

Yesterday I did some work on the shelf part of the layout, and in particular continued one wall on the bay window building to continue it a bit farther towards the backdrop.  Today I'll start painting that.  And I'll do more work laying out the cobblestone streets.

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