Started by Erieman, December 28, 2013, 10:03:53 PM

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Good Morning All,

Well here is a progress photo. While all of them look somewhat familiar, there are lots of changes. In this photo, the material bins is no longer a cardboard mockup, but wood. I used three different sizes of compressed sawdust, aka OSB chipboard. Lots of cutting, some glue and some paint and the material basin is effectively done. There are still items to include in the material basin. Tracks for the crane need to be cut, sized and soldered to fit the wheel widths on all the legs of the crane. Some paint, weathering, etc., are also needed.

Next I added a long building that has been kitbashed together. There are some pieces missing and will be added now that i know where the building will go. Some windows need to be added, etc..

Last ,  but not least is the surfaces that these structures are on. Currently they are pink foam. All the buildings against the back wall need to be removal able to access several levels of hidden track.

The photo shows the depth of field i am trying to achieve. There are five levels going from front to back. Level one is the blast furnace. Level two is the track behind the blast furnace. Level three is the material bunkers, level four are the cardstock print photos against the backdrop and level five is the steel mill prints adhered to the back wall. Combined, you increase the depth of field in a very short distance.

Obviously, there is much more to go, but I like what I am seeing.

Thanks for stopping by.

Frank / Erieman 


          I agree!, I like what I'm seeing too!  That's going to be a very cool focal point in that section of your layout indeed.  Kudos brother, kudos.  Thanx Thom...


John Siekirk
Superior & Seattle Railroad

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