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Started by DaveInTheHat, February 02, 2014, 11:22:49 PM

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My wife said that Davetown needs a Tea Garden. Since she's so supportive of my model building addiction I figured that it would be a good idea to build something that she wants me to build.

I'm starting out with a Hydrocal kit from Railroad Kits called "Corner of Main & South". These are really great kits. The detail is excellent. Not to mention that Jimmy will replace any parts that break.

Here's what the kit looks like.

The three different buildings can be used by themselves or as a group.

I decided to connect all three together and add a front porch. This is a mock-up of what I came up with after a lot of moving around for a couple days.

I scratch built an addition on the back.

I have just about all the windows and stuff painted. The colors are a little strange but it will look good once it's all together.

I have to fabricate a roof for the center building and then all the major construction is done. I'm planing a lot of landscaping details.

Here's the rest of the pictures: http://public.fotki.com/daveinthehat/davetown/pattis-tea-garden/


Nice looking build so far Dave.

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I made a little more progress. I made the roof for the middle section and finished the windows.


Looking really good!
You should get a pat on the head for Patti's Tea Garden!

Mary Sue (my wife) would suggest a big dog house (for me!)  ;D ;D ;D


Another great build for Davetown. I'm looking forward to the landscaping.



Very Nice So far Dave. Thanks for sharing.....


I've made a little more progress over the past few days. I got the roof finished on the center building. I still need to do some weathering on it.

I made a new roof for the front building. I didn't like the one that came with the kit. I thought the building would have a little bit more of a Victorian look if it had a front porch. I made a simple frame from wood and the roof is made from illustration board.

There's a couple more pictures here: http://public.fotki.com/daveinthehat/davetown/pattis-tea-garden/


The Ledbetters had a few comments on this build:

1.) The building looks fantastic - they're just waitin' for the women to gather round for a tea party!

2.) They want a better look inside the spread curtains!

3.) They checked out your fotki site and are on the way to share in the goodies!


The Ledbetters? As in Peaches and Possums?


You been there!  ;D ;D ;D ;D

Jerry Clower has been the Ledbetter's hero ever since his coon huntin' story - that was way back in 1971.



I finished building the front porch. There is still some painting and touch up to do. I used Tichy porch posts and VectorCut trim. I have to make some details now.


I took a break from working on this diorama. I needed my workbench so I could make some money painting some train stuff. That took a little longer than I expected.

I made a little bit of a change and scratch built an addition on the side. I have the base started. Getting the landscaping done. I ran out of glue, that hardly every happens.

More pictures: http://public.fotki.com/DaveInTheHat/davetown/pattis-tea-garden/


Oh now this is really cool...

Did you ever notice how many towns are named after their water towers ! ?


Fantastic details.  Is that a squirrel I see sitting on the stump? My eyes aren't so good this early in the morning.  Great presentation. Jim
Jim Mueller
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