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Started by SteveCuster, October 24, 2018, 09:21:43 PM

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Hello everyone,

I just got finished building a small scene using Master Creations "The Office". I needed a small scene to fill in an area on my layout. I've always been a fan of this structure and I ended up picking one up for very cheap on Ebay. Very easy to assemble. I colored the walls with gray auto primer and I weathered them some chalks and a couple washes of black acrylics. I just threw the little shed together to give the scene a little bit of interest.

I'm assuming this kit is from the 1970's. I can usually tell if a kit is pretty old when it comes with a little bag of green dyed sawdust for the scenery.

This is the area the structure will sit on the layout.

The structure and the details won't be very noticeable on the layout once I start to build around it but it was a fun little build anyway.

Thanks for checking in.


Steve Custer



That is a nice little building and shows your usual craftsmanship.  Despite its small size I'm sure it will be noticed on your layout.


Very nice Steve!  I don't recall that one.  Great little scene where you placed it.
Bob Butts

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Very nice build on "The Office."

MC first introduced this little office for their MC Limited Run, Blandings & Gallard Cemet & Construction Company Ltd. kit. It was kit #45 and sold for $134.95 in 1988. "The Office" came a few years later as HO kit #CR602 and retailed for $16.95. Yes, it did include a small bag of sawdust grass and some color signs.

I've heard that a few versions of "The Office" were done in Hydrocal but I've only seen them in metal.

Again, nice job on the scene.

Tom ;D
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Tom Langford



Great looking diorama.  Looks like it will fit right in on your layout.



Thanks everyone.

Tom, thanks for the history of the kit. I would've thought it was older. Seems like some of the older Master Creations kits are similar to FSM but as they got newer they switched to the laser cut kits. As you can see next to this diorama I built Minerva Casket. It was a very difficult kit, probably the most difficult I've built.

I have an older Fred C. Dobbs Mining kit I recently bought and it's similar to a FSM or even a Campbell's kit.

I really enjoy building some of these older kits. You really get a feel for how the hobby has progressed through the years. Many of these kits can be purchased for pretty cheap.

Steve Custer

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