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Started by bilas68, December 20, 2013, 06:04:28 PM

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I am almost done with building the kit and will soon start making diorama so I am thinking the best place for the thread is here in diorama section. I haven't figured the dimensions yet but I am sure what exactly I want to do. Here is where I am at right now.




The structure looks great. Great colors and weathering.

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Tom Langford


Very nice, love the signs!!!  :)
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I like the lines of this structure, and your build is excellent, wouldn't expect anything less after seeing your work.  I'll be interested to see how your diorama turns out.

Dave K.

Nice work overall, Vilius, and especially good job on the big sign. No such thing as a bad FOS kit.


Building looks great...I know you want more then just nice if I had one comment, it would be about the roof. It looks like a new roof on an old building. If that's the look you were going for, then perfect. I like the vertical lines you use on the slat boards. What tool do you use to make them?

Thanks for sharing!


I'll be following your progress closely!  I have only built a few small structures (2 little Campbell buildings & a Durango Press Handcar shed) so far, and will begin my first attempt at a diorama with those 3 small buildings as soon as I finish the handcar shed.....I know I'll be able to learn a lot from your work!


I'll be following Vilius, and TJ!


Thank you everyone for stopping by and leaving comments.

I agree with Alan. The roof looks too new. I make it look old as the last step and here is the reason why. I know I will leave glue marks when I attach chimney and other roof details. If I weather roof before it will be more difficult to cover up those glue spots. When roof isn't weathered all it takes is to paint them over. The same thing goes for the sidewalks.

Those vertical boards are strips of stripwood. What I do for the lines to stand out is I use black/brown oil wash which I use in place of A&I except the cases where I use solvent based paints.



Really nice work!  :thumbsup: 



That is a great looking model. I really like your color choices and you did a great job on the big advertisement. I am really looking forward to see what you do with this. This is the last kit I purchased from FOS and will be doing an N scale version of it once I finish my wharf project.


Thank you Al and Dave. I haven't touched it since Christmas Eve. I have been derailed as far as modeling goes ever since :(. Hopefully I'll get on track in the next few days.



Afternoon Vilius,
Again, as usual, very nice work. I have to say the sign is my favorite part also. Thanks for sharing.
:) 8) :) 8) :) 8) :) 8) :) 8) :) 8) :) 8) :) 8) :) 8) :) 8) :) 8)


Did you ever notice how many towns are named after their water towers ! ?


Bart and Bob,

Thank you. I have 80% built a shed for the diorama over the past several days. It isn't that don't have desire to do anything. I just don't have enough time. Hopefully I will be able to take some pictures tonight. Only if I don't get pulled over and get arrested on the way home for driving without license. I lost mine yesterday and service centers are closed today. I could possibly get one online but they are asking for information from my license that I lost. Ironic isn't it?


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