Breakwater Branch: Connecting the Maine Shore to the World

Started by Dan_Pugatch, June 25, 2019, 10:33:31 AM

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Welcome to my layout's thread. Here you will find updates (aiming for weekly) about the progress as I build my switching shelf layout.

Breakwater Branch Railroad: Connecting the Maine Shore to the World
late 70s/early 80s Maine, USA

HO Scale
DCC using NCE PowerCab
Atlas Code 100 Track
Atlas CustomLine #6 Turnouts
Caboose Industry Ground Throws
20" x 11' using IKEA Ivar shelving as benchwork

---STRUCTURES--- (as of June 25, 2019)
Breakwater Lighthouse (Walther's Cornerstone Rocky Point Lighthouse kit)
Pop's Lobster (KC's Workshop Pop's General Store kit)
Wyatt's Brainfreeze ('s Scale House kit)
Pugatch Brewing (DPM Gold Whitewater Brewing kit + extra DPM modular walls)
? Station (Branchline Backwoods Junction kit)
Papa Chief's Naval Surplus (FOS April 2019 Kit of the Month: Seckler Supply kit)

Maine Central GE U25B (Bowser DCC with sound using ESU LokSound Select 4.0 and two Sugar Cube speakers)

---Rolling Stock--- (as of June 25, 2019)
Bangor and Aroostook Potatoes 40ft Reefer
Bangor and Aroostook State of Maine Products 40ft Boxcar
Bangor and Aroostook 40ft Boxcar
Bangor and Aroostook 50ft Boxcar
Bangor and Aroostook 50ft Plugfoor Boxcar
Bangor and Aroostook 4 Bay Hopper
Belfast and Moosehead Lake 40ft Boxcar
Boston and Maine 3 Bay Hopper
Boston and Maine Cement Hopper
Boy Scouts of America 50ft boxcar
Candian Pacific 50ft Cylindrical Hopper
Kathadin Valley 40ft Boxcar
Maine Central 40ft Boxcar
Maine Central 40ft Boxcar
Maine Central 50 ft Plugdoor
Maine Central flatbed empty
Maine Central flatbed with crates
Maine Central gondola
Maine Central gondola with coal load
Maine Central 36ft Coach
Maine Central 36ft Business Class Coach
Maine Central 36ft Baggage Car
Maine Central Wide View Candian
Operation Lifesaver 50ft boxcar
Narragansett Beer 40ft reefer
Vermont Railways 50ft Covered Hoper
Vermont Railways 40ft Boxcar
Breakwater Branch Railroad
"Connecting the Maine Shore to the World"



Thank you for starting a layout build thread here on the forum. I will be watching with great interest.
John Siekirk
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Jim Donovan


It was great meeting you during the trip to the holy land (F&SM). What a blast. Looking forward to watching your own layout grow.

Jim D
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Thanks for following John and Jim.

Jim, it was great meeting you on Saturday here's to many more train pilgrimages!

Here's what the layout layout looks like as a few days ago. All track is laid and wired. I did not use roadbed because 3 of the four modules (shelves) are city with "street running."
Breakwater Branch Railroad
"Connecting the Maine Shore to the World"


Sounds like this will be a neat area to model. Will follow along on the inspection train.
Bill Howes photo credit dated 10/4/79, B&A special run in Maine...
Tom Boyd in NE Minnesota


Hi Tom,

Thanks for the follow. That's one fine looking inspection train. I saw Pan Am's relaxing in Portland Harbor by the container ship cranes a few weeks back which is 500ft from my house.

*Attached photo is not mine, original photographer's name is on the photograph.
Breakwater Branch Railroad
"Connecting the Maine Shore to the World"



Count me in on the followers. I enjoy seeing others build their layouts.

Tom ;D
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Dennis Bourey

Dennis Bourey

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Breakwater Branch Railroad
"Connecting the Maine Shore to the World"

Mark Dalrymple


very cool Dan! I'm looking forward to seeing your progress photos!
Bob C.


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