Tuxedo Dave's Formal Wear & Chainsaw Sharpening

Started by DaveInTheHat, May 18, 2014, 07:56:26 PM

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After the "stucco" dried I gave it another coat of flat white from a spray can just to seal everything. I put in the windows. Bent Q-Tips worked pretty good as clamps.

I got the sign box finished. The sign is printed on card stock and I put acetate in front of it. I added some strips along the back so it would have a place for the glue when it's mounted to the building.

I mounted the letters that I cut out with Tacky Glue, Stuck the sign on, and added the bride and groom to the front window. The background behind the window is made out of index card that I ran through a tube squeezer.

There's a couple more pictures here: http://public.fotki.com/daveinthehat/davetown/tuxedo-daves-formal/


"Q-tip clamps"?
"Index card thru a tube squeezer"?

Every photo is a lesson in crazy creativity...Well done!


I didn't like the way the sign on the chainsaw sharpening building looked so I changed it a little. Chainsaw is one word and I resized the text so it wasn't so big. I changed the office sign too.

I started with a sheet of plastic and drew out the front doors.

I cut out for the windows and added handles. Then gave them a coat spray can chrome paint that I got from Pep Boys.

I found this penguin at the dollar store. It's a rubber eraser. Seemed like it would be about the right size for what I have in mind.

I cut out some index card the shapes that I need to make a top hat.

I rolled the side around the top and covered the paper on both sides with gobs of super glue.

Then drew out an ellipse and centered the hat in it. And, more globs of super glue.

Check for size. Then to the paint booth for a coat of primer.

I cut out paper for a collar and bow tie. Then painted them.

The penguin was in pieces that sort of snap together but wont stay so I glued them and gave him a coat of clear gloss. Then glued all the stuff I made on him.

I figured he needed a walking stick to complete the ensemble. Glued him to a base made out of plastic. He's just sitting in position until I finish the roof. You can see how the doors look in position too.


I painted a piece of construction paper with black primer and then varied the color with some quick sprays of grey and white primer so it didn't look so even. After it dried I cut it into strips.

Then I glued them to the roof.

Other than a few minor details this building is finished.

I'm planing more buildings to fill up the rest of the space on the diorama. I'm not sure what they're going to be yet. I started making some bricks. I'll see what happens.

These are Linka molds.

Filled with a mix of plaster, white glue and water.

About 3 hours later. I got bricks.

Dave K.

Your threads are always creative, informative, and entertaining. Thanks so much for inviting us along. ;D



How do you like those Linka Moulds ??  I have been eyeing them for a whole now and been thinking about giving them a go. They are HO scale aren't they ?? Any info would be great

Ken Crump
KC's Workshop


I really like the Linka Molds. The bricks are slightly larger then HO scale, but they look close enough for me. The stone molds look right at home with HO scale. They do take a little bit of practice. There are some good tutorial videos on their web sites.
I've been using Plaster of Paris which is not recommended. I can't find anyplace near me that carries casting plaster. I'm still working on that.


Ken Crump
KC's Workshop



Great stuff here, I love the penguin on the building. Thanks for sharing the step by step build.

Tom ;D
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I sort of got my casting problems straightened out and I made a pile of bricks that turned out pretty good.

I started gluing stuff together. I think I'm going to build sort of a small, narrow townhouse sort of building and then a larger building next to it. This one will have a foundation under it so there will be steps up to the door.


I'm finally back to work on this diorama. I decided to build 2 buildings. I wasn't too concerned about getting them together perfect. I want them to look like old, weathered buildings. I did use a little plaster here and there to do some repairs and fill in some of the places that didn't look good.

I gave the buildings a quick shot of red primer because it's really hard for me to see what I'm doing with all the white.

I added a fireplace and chimney to cover up a section that looked really screwed up.

I used poster board and illustration board to finish off the top edge. This one is in small sections the other is in big sections just to give some variation in the details when it's finished.

I mixed up a thin batch of plaster and smeared it all over the bricks than when it started to dry I wiped off most of the excess.

The plaster fills in between the bricks good, but it leaves a film over all the bricks that makes them look white.

The buildings look awful right now. The first time I did this I went into a panic. It's not a problem. After it fully drys most of it brushes off. When I give it a coat of flat clear all the brick color comes back.


  Dave those Linka molds look great where can I order some, and do they come in sets? thanks


Sam, you can get Linka molds from their web site: http://www.linkaworld.com/

I'm not sure if they come in sets or not. I bought one of each mold and a couple extra of the solid brick and stone walls.


Thank You Dave, I have never seen those before. I really appreciate your quick reply.  Your work is coming out awesome, and I'm enjoying this thread.
  Thanks again,

  PS  I will put a order in  for some of those soon.


The Linka molds are a tiny bit larger than HO scale. To me it isn't really noticeable with the bricks and stone. The windows look fine. Some are exactly the same size as Grandt Line windows. The only part that looks out of scale is the doors. They do look big especially if you have a person next to them. I replaced the cast door with a Grandt Line door that has a transom and it fits right over top of it.

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