PUGWUMP BROTHERS porter engine house

Started by hairball, January 13, 2020, 11:54:26 AM

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I bought this banta engine house kit o scale minus the wood windows and doors.  Was cheap so jumped on it.
Walls are usa gypsum hydrocal white with real nice stonework I believe from roger Malinowski.  He does real nice work.

Visiting today is Zeke Pugwump head of the company and thats 2 of his brothers Lionel + Bart.  Has pet pig Aretha in truck bed and they are out at all the family facilities looking for the 3 doggies that went missing after a photo shoot of "Day at the Vets"

I used alcohol and indian ink mix , to colour the stonework.  Because the windows and doors were all missing I had to create new spots to fill the holes with wood and grandt line windows.   The upper clerestory set of windows also got filled in with wood.   Roof is my usual rusting process with what looks like a dusting of bragdon pigments.  That's a Bachmann On30 porter locomotive just peeking out.

Ground cover is woodland scenic products and beach sand from lake Ontario, one of the 5 great lakes on the border.

mike lynch.............MADMIKE3434..............HAIRBALL


the windows are all grandt line, raised seam roofing is builders in scale and the corrugated roofing is from them also.  I am not sure if I completely detailed this one inside.


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