Backwoods NE in Florida

Started by cuse, December 21, 2013, 08:35:32 AM

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Hey Cuse:

Just beautiful so far.



Jim, Jan, Bob, and Karl...thanks so much for your comments.


John wonderful modeling!  Great scene!
One of my favorite RR to follow.

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Very nice, I swear I can smell sawdust.....



Thanks Gary & Jerry.

Today I'm working from home and will have some free time. My MR goal for the day is to (at least) decide what my next project will be. Among the contenders...
-build the one large remaining kit I have real estate set aside for...Bar Mills' Dovertown Wharf (FSM tribute)...probably more ambitious than I'm feeling right now
-patch, sand, and paint the fascia
-detail, seal, and pour the river...I've been vacillating on this one. Mod Podge is quick and neat, but Envirotex over a more "3D" bottom would really be superior...I'm a little concerned about possible leaks (!)
-unlimited rolling stock options including powering and detailing a railcar, swapping in Kadees, building some of the Sierra West Work train units, just weathering anything that rolls
-building a Bar Mills horse drawn carriage or any of several vehicle kits

...I've got many others (as we all do)...a layout is a lifetime of revisions & improvements-if we're lucky



Man, it's good to be back to the place where I initially met most of my existing MR friends initially, heard about and attended the best conventions and, basically, took my modeling to another level

good to be here-thanks to those who made it possible.

Two years, a new home, and a whole new layout that's just getting going.

Talk to you all soon.


Great to see you here again John..... :)
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Great to see all the SBGs here as well.

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Tom Langford

Mark Dalrymple

Quote...and a whole new layout that's just getting going...

Exciting, John!

Looking forward to you catching us up.

Cheers, Mark.

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