Welcome Back November 12, 2023

Started by Jim Donovan, November 12, 2023, 03:12:51 PM

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Mark Dalrymple

Hi guys.

Thanks Rusty and everyone else involved for your efforts!  Hopefully we can get this site back to what it used to be.  I've got a lot more benchwork built so my Shadowlands adventure is just beginning to unfold.  Spring here in New Zealand so lots of distractions (AKA weeds) to keep me from my modelling - but I try to find some time every day.  We have a 2fatpossums modelling weekend away in a couple of weeks so it will be nice to roll my sleeves up and get into a new project.

Cheers, Mark.


Awesome , great , fantastic , thanks for bringing THE Forum back to life.

I love photo's, don't we all.


This is a test.  Can you see my post?   Is this real? Or did I stumble into a fake modeling forum?
John Siekirk
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