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Started by Keep It Rusty, November 21, 2023, 08:32:49 AM

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Keep It Rusty

Adding photos to the forum is something I want to try and streamline. If you just want to add a couple of photos, attachments are easy to use -- simply utilize the click or drag-and-drop option at the bottom of any reply. Utilizing the forum's gallery, however, is slightly more difficult.

So why use the gallery I hear you cry? Well, it's a nicer way to keep organized for when you want to showcase a diorama or ongoing project. You can create an album, give it a description, etc. It is also easily discoverable to other members. With that in mind, it is a better tool to use for your images so let me explain the process:

1. Click the Gallery button in the menu above. Click "Add Picture":


2. On this new page, click "MyGallery" button in the top row:

3. On this new page, click "Add Category"

4. The Category is really another name for your album. Let's give it a name and you can also add things like a description, thumbnail image etc.  Once ready, click the "Add Category" button.

5. You'll then have an empty album ready to fill with images. Here, simply click on the appropriate button. "Add a Picture" or "Bulk Add Pictures":

6. You can add up to 5 images at a time. Click Choose file for each photo. Then click "Bulk Add Pictures" or "Add Picture" when ready. Please note: this can sometimes take time to upload. Click the add button only once. It may appear nothing is happening if you have large files but it is uploading.

7. When the process is complete, you'll be presented with a screen like this:

8. Rinse and repeat, adding your photos to the same category until your album is ready. When it is, click on each photo you wish to add to your forum post.

9. With each image page you will find a box below it labeled "BB Code". Click the small blue icon to the right of it. This will copy the code. Then, simply head to your forum post and right-click and "Paste".

10. Done!

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