Monday, Feb. 5, 2024

Started by Zephyrus52246, February 05, 2024, 08:21:45 AM

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Morning all.

You "Easterners" (my mother called them "snobby Easterners"--my dad was from New Jersey) sure sleep late.  Us midwestern folk have been up awhile, set out the trash and recycling bins, read the paper (it's really thin on Mondays) and are having breakfast. 

Supposed to get to 50 today, we'll see.

the Tree Guys (that's the company name) are coming today to clear the yard debris from the snow storm of early January.   

Work on the DD build later.



Morning all,

I've been up but I've tied up with the work nonsense.  :) 

Work continues on the Red Hook Wharf.  I'm adding the pilings to the wharf itself.  Hopefully I'll be able to mount the structures on the wharf sometime this week.  I'm itching to get this one wrapped up so I can move on to the next build and start a thread on this forum.

Have a great one!
Bob Butts

There's a fine line between Hobby and Mental Illness.


Gregory P. DeMayo
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Internet problems over the weekend.  I figured out part of the problem, but my fix didn't work.  So I'm back to a previous working configuration, and once wife's Zoom session is over, I'll see if I can get back to the correct (static IP address) configuration.  Very frustrating to have to deal with this, I hate it when s**t that was working just breaks itself!

Modeling the Northeast in the 1890s - because the little voices told me to



The trials we all suffered over the weekend! I guess everything went good with me.

PRR Modeler

Afternoon All,

Last night we got small hail from the storm cell pushing thru the area. Today I watched a couple of videos showing brick painting techniques. Afterwards I went to Jo-Ann's (10 minutes away) and got part of what I wanted. Their paint supply of craft paint is pretty bad. I guess it's to Michael's or Hobby Lobby from now on.

Only thing of note was that I painted the inside hydrocal walls black.

I hope everyone has a good night.
Curt Webb
The Late Great Pennsylvania Railroad
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This seems to be the preferred layout of dormers along the Mansard:
I need to set a similar layout on the ends.  I'll prime and paint the dormers and the window castings tomorrow.

Modeling the Northeast in the 1890s - because the little voices told me to

Slim Jerkins

Back from Timonium. Two weekends in a row of super-spreader events. 

I think it's bench time for a while. 


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