Friday - 03/29/2024

Started by ReadingBob, March 29, 2024, 07:14:23 AM

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Morning all,

For the last Friday of March how about some bacon, scrambled egg, home fries and toast?  Hot water is on for us tea drinkers.  Coffee drinkers are on their own cuz I don't know how to brew a pot of coffee.

Gotta work today but I'm looking forward to some workbench time over the weekend.  I'll be painting some details for a new build.

Have a great one!  
Bob Butts

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Good morning.

The coffee pot is on and I had a cup "just to be sure it is drinkable".  Otherwise count me in for Bob's breakfast.

I hope everyone has a great day!


Morning all.....and so the countdown begins Bob.
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Vietnam Seabee

I'm up for breakfast, Bob....I'll stop by Jerry's for coffee on my way over....


Stopped by, coffee mug in hand.
Enjoy your Good Friday if you're so inclined.
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Jim Donovan

Did I hear someone say coffee? I'm on my way! Sorry I have not stopped by for last few days. I have been able to get some scenery work started on layout but not much else. Today we pick up son and family who are visiting through Easter. Lots planned so not much train time. Well time to grab that coffee. Have a great day folks.

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Morning all.

My son and his family will be here later today, so there will be no layout work until Monday at the earliest, though I suppose a train or two will run.  Some late clean up planned, and apparently one of the bathroom sinks is plugged, so I'll work on that this morning as well.  



Morning all,

Thanks for breakfast Bob.

Terry, Vietnam Seabee, is bringing his son and grandson over this morning to visit the A&S RR.

The Judge will be here to run trains while Terry and I BS.

Have a great day ay'll.

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Tom Langford



What no cinnamon buns!


Yesterday was a bust, but today nothing's on the agenda and I'll do some work on the buildings I've been putzing with, after some time on the exercise machine (first time in a month...)

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Vietnam Seabee

I'm back from visiting with Tom...a great time was had by all but the BS meter was off the chart 😂😂😂

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