Tuesday April 2, 2024

Started by jerryrbeach, April 02, 2024, 08:17:15 AM

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Good morning.

Coffee and blueberry muffins today.  All out of peanut butter cookies, sorry guys.

I'm taking a break from working on the layout and working on a Toledo & Ohio Central (NYC lines) boxcar.

I hope everyone has a safe and rewarding day.

Vietnam Seabee

Coffee is good this morning and ain't nuttin' bad about blueberry muffins....
Jerry...your mentioning working on a boxcar reminds me that I have several Labelle kits...might be s good fill in project....maybe a build article for the Gazette


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Enough said.

Vietnam Seabee

I'll tell ya right now...I'm hanging out with Marty today😊😊😊😊


Afternoon all,

It's just another day of fun and games at the office on this end.  I'd rather be painting detail castings.

Have a great one!  
Bob Butts

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Well, another lost day on the train front.  I had a dr appt, then a quick trip to the store.  Wife told me "tire pressure light is on again."  So we took her car back to the tire dealer.  They called me a bit later, "We found the problem, there's damage to the rim so the tire isn't getting a consistent seal."  I called the dealer.  "We need the exact part number from the back of the rim."  I called the tire store, "Can you get your guy to note down the part number on the back of the rim?  It's an 8 digit number starting with '3'."  We picked up the car a half hour later with the part number noted on the invoice, and I started calling.  The dealer we got it from said "Huh, that part number isn't the current number.  But here's the number for your car."  "Do you have that in stock?"  He makes clicky noises, "No, and we don't have one in our warehouse, either."  So I called around and found another dealer who does have 2 of those rims in stock.  So off to there tomorrow, with a picture of the rim to make sure I get the right part.  I have a presentation tomorrow afternoon, so IF the weather cooperates, we'll take the car and new rim to the tire dealer late tomorrow.  Otherwise, that'll have to wait until Friday when the storm is over.... 


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