Friday - June 21, 2024

Started by GPdemayo, June 21, 2024, 10:13:52 AM

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Morning all.....hope life is going well in your world. Brunch is being served on the veranda, plenty of choices to please the pickiest foodie (all guarr-own-teed free range, glutton free, no cal & sugar-free).  ;D
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Good morning Greg and all who follow,

I think I'll put together an exercise bike this morning.  It was my retirement gift from my employer.  Probably the most exercise I'll get with it is putting it together, but the wife and Junior will use it.  ::)  After that I'll work on the stuff on the workbench.  

Looks like we left the North and returned to Florida just in time to avoid the heat up there.  Go figure.  

Have a great one!
Bob Butts

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Morning all,

Looks like a SBG grouping here this morning.

A mix of sun and clouds here but still hot and humid.

Have a great day ya'll.

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Tom Langford


Afternoon everyone.

Late check in today.  Have been to Costco to pick up new sunglasses and some stuff, then to Best Buy for my VR headset, and then out to lunch.  I need to mow today, even though it's over 90 and quite humid.  Thank the Maker, it's a riding mower.  Then I'll try to figure out if I can get the headset to work.  



Good Afternoon,

The heat has finally "broke", but the humidity is a bit tough right now.

It has taken a week to recover from all the vacation and traveling I did in early June. My Blood Sugar and Blood Pressure was going haywire, but it has finally level back to the normal, for me, levels. Vacations tend to be a junk food festival and almost wants me to never take a vacation again ... NOT!


Weather broke with the thunderstorms last night.  It's still a bit humid, but about 15 degrees cooler than yesterday.  

Not much happened today, mostly I was waiting for people to show up for work on the house.  We now have a brand new propane tank, and the exterminator traps are all re-baited.  The mice mostly stay out of the attic during the summer.  I did a bit more misting and weighing on the backdrops, tomorrow I'll remove the weights and see how it looks on Sunday morning.  

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