Saturday May 14, 2022

Stop in and say "GOOD MORNING" or just introduce yourself. Feel free to talk about anything and everything in this board and we love photos.
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Good Morning from Raymo North. We went from running the heat last weekend to running the AC this weekend. Temps were still close to 80 last night at 8 o'clock. Anyway, coffee is on, breakfast shortly!
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Morning all.

Nice picture, Dan. I managed to get the shelves built in the garage, hope to get some more clean up out there today and probably mow as well. Need to tidy up the basement and see if the trains run before my grandsons come next Friday.

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Morning all,

The Judge is coming over this morning. Not much else going on today.

Have a great day.

Tom :D
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Tom Langford
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It's nice and sunny outside temps at 23 C , but I'm inside with an infection to my leg, on antibiotics . The bad thing is I have to keep my leg up so modeling is somewhat a problem.

Have a great weekend all.
I love photo's, don't we all.
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Gregory P. DeMayo
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Opa George
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Really neat picture to open the day, Dan. I love the Lobster Hut--I think we've seen views of that scene before. Nice little scene.

Damp and drizzly day, but I think we'll be able to do some flower gardening. We have banana plants to move from outdoors into the garden for their "summer vacation.," and tons of gladioli, dahlia and other assorted bulbs that we lifted last fall to go back into the flower beds.

Jan, hope that infection clears up soon so you can go from armchair modeling back to more active pursuits.

Have a great Saturday, everyone.
--Opa George
George Nagle
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Morning All,

Lots of train time...I'll be burying my head in research today as my expansion plans hopefully get clearer.

Have a great one...John
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Morning everyone

Another cloudy/rainy day in Jersey!!

Everyone have a great day!! :D

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I think wife wants to go to the garden store to buy some plants. That's OK. I've given up on plants, myself. "Brown" just isn't the color I was expecting from the garden. :D

Slowly I've been treating the decals on the B&M cars, they're coming out OK. The next batch of decals should arrive next week so I can finish this project.

Modeling the Northeast in the 1890s - because the little voices told me to
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Good morning. Looks like the day will be similar to George’s in terms of weather and tasks. Everyone have a great day. Jim
Jim Mueller
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