illinois Central Chicago District - Monee Rebuild

Started by vinceg, September 10, 2018, 10:46:43 PM

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Since there are baggage doors on the station, are you thinking about an elevator to move bags from train-level to station-level?  That was actually pretty common even in the late 19th century.  You could do it as a visible elevator at one end of the platform.  Lots of visual interest with that!!

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Did you ever notice how many towns are named after their water towers ! ?


Neat seeing the station photo you posted with the bi level Metra commuter cars.
Rode them for over a dozen years to get downtown from the GMO-IC Glenn Yard on the south side and from CNW Crystal Lake - McHenry on the NW side.
You might have to send me your timetable and pricing to buy a 10 ride or monthly ticket.
Nice built on the depot.
Tom Boyd in NE Minnesota


Vince you're doing an amazing job, the shingle job you did looks fantastic. I think the most difficult task in building our railroads is getting just the right elevations for structures, track and scenery to come together.
Have you given any thought to painting a backdrop?
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Hey vince:

Looks just great can't wait to see the finished product with the scenery around it.


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