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Mark Dalrymple

Thanks for taking the trouble to respond so in depthly, Mike.

I've had a closer look following your explanation and can see subtle differences.  I think you could do the same bash (almost) with just Chippy walls.  Clever window problem solving.  They worked very well.

Cheers, Mark.


the chippy main building is already doubled, makes no sense to use more of those same walls and cut them down shorter.

The swackhammer side edition adds a lot of variety both in windows and doors.  Also contains the main wood cutting section for their grandfather clock cases.  The dust collectors and piping without that flat roof to work with would not add the additional character needed to make this an outstanding design.

In my opinion.

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Tom Langford

Opa George

Mike, with the hubbub of the holidays I completely missed this post until now.  Beautifully done. I really like the dust collector detailing and the red shingles.  Are the shingles really as red as they appear in the photos, or is that a result of the lighting?  They are very striking--I want to try that on a structure.
--Opa George


OPA..............those are Campbell roll shingles.

From the looks of it I might have used ROOF RED floquil or testors a very little bottle.

Judging by the amount of blackness to the shadowing in shingles, must be a very dark mix of USMC BLACK Fiebings leather dye and 99% pure isopropanol rubbing alcohol...........that's less than 1% water.

I would use an ink bottle drawer snorkel and just keep adding snorkel fulls of dye to the mix till I got the desired look.

Hard to be 100% correct but I think I might have used dullcoat on it also ??  George of FSM wrote about it its strange reaction to painted roofs washed over with alco ink, actually aging the roof cover.  Wrote the article in Narrow Gauge and Short line gazette  late 80's early 90's ????

The stone colour was done brewing up a heavy coffee and tea mix...........no idea why I did that.  Later was to discover FW acrylic inks and alcohol was better.

mike lynch.............HAIRBALL

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