Monday, Feb 12 after that Football Game

Started by Rollin, February 12, 2024, 07:17:29 AM

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Good morning, all.
Have some OJ and wake up.

Well, the one thing I DID NOT expect to see during a Las Vegas half time show was a marching band on the field. They even did formations (and spelled out USHER!)

Have a great day!


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Morning all,

I kind of watched some of the game last night.  I skipped the half time show and third quarter and confess I wasn't exactly paying close attention during the first half.

Making progress on the wharf but realized I omitted something from the underside.  The joists.  There's no mention of them in the text of the instructions or the templates.  I only noticed them in a photograph after the fact.  I'm not sure whether I feel up to removing all the bracing so I can add them.   :(

Have a great one!
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Good Morning All,

Both MOH and I are feeling better today. Have some chores then will be building the loading platform for the build.

Bob that blows.

I hope everyone has a good day.
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Morning all.

Disappointed by the game outcome and the commercials weren't that great, either.  I have a day of general laziness planned after working the weekend.  They've already sent out a request to work today as someone is out, but I ignore these. 



                      What Greg said above.
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Good Evening Folks

We had Deb's sisters and husbands over for the game and dinner. Most made it to half time and I made it to the end. Game got better as it went along. We had a good time.

With company gone today I was able to get a couple of hours at the workbench. Made some progress but not much.  Well tomorrow is another day.

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