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I've been a guilty hoarder of FSM kits over the years. I finally built my first FSM kit about a year ago with the Hazen Boyd kit

So, the build challenge seemed like a perfect opportunity to give one of George's old skool smaller kits a try.

I perused the contents and it appears everything is there after all these years. It appears that whomever owned this kit previously had taken some measurements for future placement and noted them on the side of the box. I hope to build the kit that would have made the prior owner proud. These techniques are a bit different than what I am used to but it's funny, some things just don't change or come en vogue over time.
Greetings folks,

I recently started the Sierra West Scale Models O Scale Dueling Shacks. I have only built HO scale kits over the years to this will be a bit different for me...
Here we go folks,

For the Build Challenge 2016 I will work on ITLA Scale Models DV Ross & Co structure. I am perusing the instructions and will get started on painting this week.
Layout Tours / UP South Seattle Subdivision
September 23, 2016, 07:14:53 PM

Greetings folks,

Many moons ago I posted a thread of my small shelf layout on the "old" forum.

Since that time I have packed up and moved and then got hit with the Cuse and ACL1504 tear down and rebuild bug. I rewired everything and removed all of the Atlas code 100 track and replaced it with Atlas code 83 track. I also didn't replace the entire track plan, I thought there was just too much track for a small siding. Then I added an NCE DCC system, ballasted the track and added scenery.

Oh yeah, I also decided to switch from an early '50's-'60's era timeframe to a modern era layout set in the gritty industrial switching area in South Seattle where you can still see old brick structures with old signage on them serving rail customers today. 

I added a small staging area, updated some of the signage to present day signs and added everyone's favorite... graffiti. Hey, even my modeling hero George Sellios has graffiti on the fabulous F&SM! It just looks different than today's graffiti.

I still need to weather the cars and engines and add more details. I'm unsure of what to do with the area that has the Rusty Radiator kit in the photo's. I have been debating on putting a more modern structure there. So, this is about 75% complete and looking at the pics I need to do something about the lighting in the room as well.

I am learning about operations, Lance Mindheim has a lot of good info on running ops sessions on small layouts. Just goes to show that anyone can have a layout even if you don't have a lot of space.

Kit Building / FSM Hazen Boyd Build
September 20, 2016, 05:58:48 PM
Much like some of my friends on the forum I have been far too busy at work and at home to find time to play with toy trains. I started FSM's Hazen Boyd a looooong time ago and I have been cleaning out the train room the last few days to get back at it.

This is my first FSM kit build!

Since there are so many build threads going with the challenge why not add another?!??!

I am terrible about documenting my progress so this will be a quick and dirty build thread in the style of the great Postal Karl.

I primed the castings with a rattle can of Camo Khaki and a flat black.

Kit Building / Bar Mills Majestic Hardware
March 09, 2015, 09:38:29 PM
Greetings Folks,

I'm currently working on Bar Mills Majestic Hardware.

Some of the ingredients (apologies for the lousy picture quality):

Priming the castings and the foundation for the structure:

Walls have been prepped with an AI wash:

To be continued....
Kit Building / Bar Mills Mooney's Plumbing
February 16, 2015, 02:14:21 PM
Greetings Folks,

Longtime lurker, sporadic poster.

Check out my last build of Bar Mills' Mooney's Plumbing.

Walls have been prepped with an AI wash, lifted and scuffed a few boards, painted and added signs. Just waiting for the Canopy glue to dry on some of the windows:

Starting to put the structure together, adding roofing:

And it's mostly done! Castings are painted and the structure is weathered with some powders and dry brushing. I'm not sure if I'm going to put this on my small shelf layout or just build a small diorama so there are more finished castings set aside for now.

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