Eastport Railway

Started by Raymond Gardner, January 14, 2017, 06:38:16 PM

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Raymond Gardner

I found the layout tour section! My layout is called the Eastport Railway and it is perpetually September, 1939. It is 13'x19' and is located in the corner of my basement. I began building it in 2014 so what you see is 2 years work. So far there are 10 Fine Scale Miniatures kits on the layout with another 6 to build. It will take a lifetime to finish it, but then, that its purpose! I am a locomotive engineer by profession and have been one for 32 years. I have a lot of experience with the real railroads and have incorporated it into the layout. I'm also an artist and a musician and can play a variety of instruments: I am my own rock band! Thanks for checking out my work!! -Ray

Raymond Gardner

More pics


Looking forward to seeing more.


Nice work on those buildings Raymond.... :) 8)

Stay cool and run steam............... 8) 8)

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