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Started by SteveCuster, July 30, 2017, 05:19:57 PM

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Hello everyone. I wanted to start a thread to document my layout progress. I haven't taken real chronological photos of the work but I'll show what I have done and
try to start a trend of documenting the work I'm doing.

The room is about 18"x 24". I started working on the room about 3 years ago, I think I have a little more than 2 years on the actual layout. This is my first real attempt at building a layout, I've mostly done dioramas in the past.

My goal was to have a simple trackplan with a continuous loop. I added as many sidings as I could mostly so I can build and install all my favorite kits.

I created my trackplan by putting plywood on the benchwork and working out the sidings with blue tape. I tried to get measurements for any of the kits I had or planned on getting so I can work them in beforehand.

This was the room before I started any construction. It occupies the front half of my basement, the rear half has too many pipes to drywall the ceiling. I made the rear section my workshop.

I added a closet to house the water softener. I drywalled the ceiling and I installed many outlets in the ceiling, all my lighting is wired to plugs for ease of replacement down the road. The floor is Rust-Oleum Epoxy garage paint. I don't recall the technical term for this style of benchwork but I chose it because it was easy to assemble and install without any help.

The benchwork are basically 3 rectangles bolted together. I lifted them in place using a 2x4 cleat on the wall.

The first kit I built since returning to the hobby was FSM Fox Run Milling you can see in the background. The second kit was The Shipyard from SierraWest, I combined it with Foss Landing, also from SierraWest.

The latest diorama I built was O'Neills Fabrication/Quincy Salvage from SierraWest. This is the area I plan to install it, I won't install any of the front dioramas permanently till I complete the rear section.

The kit to the left is FSM Emporium Seafood. The pile driver is the old FSM original kit, I removed the "house" from it and scratchbuilt a corrugated metal roof covering similar to the new FSM Jewel Series Kit.

I recently finished this mountain. I used cardboard strips and Woodland Scenics plaster wrap for the shell. Most of the trees are SuperTrees from Scenic Express. The bridge is from Micro-Engineering.

The first structure permanently placed was Fox Run. I used Envirotex to make the little pond to the left.

My plan for the area to the right of Fox Run will be a densely populated town. I'm going to try to place as many structures as I can in this area.

I'm currently building some shallow background structures for the area behind the tracks up against the wall. I'll post an update as soon as I complete my first one.

Thanks for checking in.


Steve Custer



Wow, beautiful work and structures. The basement really finished off very well.  Great job all the way and I look forward to more of your work on the layout.

A plus!

Tom ;D
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Tom Langford


What a great start to your layout, look forward to more of it.
I love photo's, don't we all.

PRR Modeler

Great work on the layout.  I look forward to seeing your progress.
Curt Webb
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carl b

Very nice work Steve. I applaud your pledge to keep your plan simple, and your track-to-scenery ratio in balance.


Hey Steve,

Your bench work looks great and the scenery done to date looks very nice.  It is always good to have a place to put you models and dioramas as I have found out with my layout.  I will be following along.
Steve Drees


          Wow, this build is coming along very nicely indeed!  I can see the overall view of the layout as you install those great looking structures.  keep up the awesome work, the glue sniffing is paying off!  Thanx Thom...


I'm so jealous!  I'm still at the "unfinished basement" stage.

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Simply amazing
Eric Quebec city


Fantastic Steve.  I will be watching all your updates.

A simple plan is great.



Pictures look great. Thanks for sharing with us...


Mark Dalrymple

Looking fantastic. Steve!

Looking forward to your continued progress.

Cheers, Mark.


Great job ! Did you treat the cement block walls with anything prior to the studs and drywall ? Nice layout room and neat structures too.  8)
Tom Boyd in NE Minnesota


Wow.  Your layout looks wonderful so far.  Keep up the good work!



Your layout is going to look amazing when done. I would say it would rival The Franklin & South....Great work...
9 Fingers Loren.....
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