Dawson Creek Subdivision Reloaded 2017 (Vol.2)

Started by Twist67, September 29, 2017, 05:06:32 AM

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Hi there,

It´s been more than a year since I have postel here last time. Some things have changed in private life and I´m back in school now for the next to years. A lot of things to learn. also we had some hard time at the end of the last year when my mother in law suddenly died at the age of 64. But things are cooming back to normality the last months. I worked on the layout during the whole time and made a major rebuild of it. I removed the whole lower level and the helix and added a peninsula to the layout.It´s still the Dawson Creek subdivision but I have moved Chetwynd Yard into a hidden four track staging 20cm below the Layout itself with a ramp going down to it round the peninsula. Here is a picture of the work in progress of the peninsula. So I think it was the right time to start a new thread for the rebuild layout.

I have called the rebuild official finished. Most of the tracks are glued permanent and most of the turnouts are wired. I have tested all of the trackwork a lot of times and all works fine. So let´s do a walkaround of the Layout and we will start at the end of the modelled line at the last customer in Dawson Creel, the Georgia Pacific Pulp & Paper Company. The Complex is kitbashed with parts of the Walthers Paper Mill, Magic Pan Bakery and other things.

In the front you can see the main and a short runaround serving the mill and this is also the interchange track with the NAR/CN. The Main ends at the front of the layout. Around the edge, the Main enters Dawson Creek Yard with the station/freighthouse and the elevators. Reaching the end of the Yard there is the Elevator No.3 in front with the main cruving behind it around the next corner of the room between some small hills and a pulpwoodloading spur in the front.

The pulpwood spur curves to the front to simulate a longer spur

We are now enterring the next siding that flows around the next corner, partially hidden by some small hills and trees. The siding ends at Shanona. This name is a placeholder. A short story how I found this name. While I was looking for a name of a real small village along the Dawson Creek subdivision someday I said to myself that I have still no name for this place.... and so it went on. Still HAs NO NAme. so here we are S HA NO NA http://bigbluetrains.com/forum/posting.php?mode=reply&f=46&t=7835#
At Shanona there are 4 customers, a mill, Elevator, Teamtrack and a small warehouse.

The main follows the landscape (next corner of the room) passes the turnout to the Canfor Sawmill spur down to the hidden staging with will stand for Chetwynd Yard.

Here´s one view of the four track hidden staging.

And here we can see the area of the Canfor Sawmill. The trackwork here is inspired by the small n-scale swithing layout Dawson station based on the Hull-Oakes Sawmill.

So that´s all for now. I have to finish the trackwork for the papermill and the sawmill . It is nailed down for testing the trackwork and switching and all worked out fine so I can add the kork for the tracks and install the feeders permanent. I have started with some rough landscaping and will continue with that work for the next time.
All in all I´m very happy that I made the step to remove the lower level and the helix and build the peninsula. There are some different switching jobs, the Canfor Mill turn, a short train for the papermill, swithing at Dawson Creek and Shanona. It can keep 3 operators busy for some time.
I have tested the Canfor Mill Turn as it appears in the youtube videos about the Hull-Oakes sawmill and it took me about an hour to complete the whole move from Dawson Creek  with emptys to the Mill and back with loaded cars to Dawson Creek.

Thanks for looking, Any comments are very welcome.



Very sorry for the loss of your Mother in Law.

I was wondering what you've been up to as like you said you haven't been on the forum for quite some time. I like the new changes to your Dawson Creek layout. And, I know full well what you mean when you "redo" a layout.

Thanks for the update, the pictures and welcome back.

Tom ;D
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Tom Langford


Happy to see you back Chris.....great progress on the layout.  8)
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Great to have you back Chris, you're well underway to a fine layout, will be following your progress.
I love photo's, don't we all.



Great to have you back on the forum! The layout looks like it going through some changes. That's part of the hobby.  It's sure looking good so far.
John Siekirk
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Hi there,
Thank you for your nice welcome back to the forum. I´m very happy to be back here.

So the layout was ok before the redo but I was not happy with it. Too big, too much work to do. So I decided to go smaller and more focused on the switching thing. It gave a lot of fun to me to switch industries and customers. That´s the best thing to go with in the available space for the layout.

Here´s a short update on the Georgia Pacific Pulp & Paper scene I made during the last couple of days. The basic plan was to build it the way Mike Confalone build it on his Allagash Layout at the St.Regis Paper mill. But the space to make it look right was to small so I have to make some changes.So here it is how it looks on my layout.

it will be a busy place when it´s been finished. i have just started to glue down the kork for the roadbed. On the main it will be 6mm and 4 on the runaround track down to 2mm on the mill tracks. I´ll build a parkinglot and some scenery around it. The pink foam will be changed with some floral foam and will be build smaller. This is going to be a woodchippile with some conveyors to the buildings etc. Will be a lot of detailing to do.

Thanks for looking . any comments are very appreciated.


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