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Started by trainmanmarsh, April 03, 2014, 05:47:13 PM

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Hello everyone

I thought I'd share one project that i have just finished up. I built this for my wife who is giving it to a friend of hers. This is the Polar Lights Bates Mansion. I am till surprised it turned out as good as it did. I wasn't overly impressed with the kit when I opened the box but having finished this one I plan on buying a second one to build for myself. I did my best to get the colors close to the movie which took a bit of experimenting. I tried staining them and weathering powders but it never looked right. My wife came along looked at it and said, why dont you just use some gray paint. DUh...Ok.  it worked perfectly.

Tomorrow I get to load this into the car and we deliver it to it's new home. I hope they enjoy it as much as I do.

Espen L. Marsh


Espen, glad to see this and glad that the kit turned out well!

I've got one of these sitting on the shelf - planned to go on a hillside just above a movie theater
in the town of Toadsuck!
I, too, was not really impressed when I opened the box, but glad to hear it turned out well!
Give your wife my thanks for the idea of just gray paint!!!   ;D ;D ;D ;D



Nice job on the mansion. I have one of those around somewhere. I didin't it was still available. Thought it was discontinued.


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