FSM Cartwright's Machine Shop

Started by SteveCuster, October 22, 2018, 03:05:31 PM

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Steve Custer


Excellent modeling and a real nice job on the wood coloring. Like how you changed up the roofing shingles too. Will be a great addition to your empire.
Tom Boyd in NE Minnesota


Steve Custer


Hey Steve:

WWW!!!!!!! What A beautiful job you did with that kit.


Steve Custer


Amazing build , not to take away from any other part of the beautiful work but I can't stop looking at the roof, amazing.
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Thanks Lynn. The roof was definitely the most time consuming part. I'm glad you like it.
Steve Custer


Opa George

Steve,--a beautiful job on that kit. The waterwheel is well done and a nice detail, and your water is excellent. Modeling water is not one of my strongpoints, so I can appreciate when it is done well. The roofline with sag, cupola and shingling is fantastic.


Fantastic as always, Steve! That layout is shaping up to be like a contest room with tracks between the winning builds  8)




I really like how every single part of the structure and scenery fit together so well.  Once again, outstanding modeling.  Or is it real?


Thanks for the compliments everyone!

I'm glad you like the water George. It was a portion of the kit I had some anxiety about due to my inexperience modeling it. I made a little pond on a piece of foam that I used to practice working with the materials till I got some things I liked.

Steve Custer


Cartwrights a great kit and design, always loved the water wheel feature and the canal of water held in by stone walls from George and the large rock walls.

Personally altho you have followed the kits instructions I would like to have seen some character added to the wood doors , shutter and windows with a contrasting or blending colour.  Comes across as too monochromatic.  I know it was designed that way by FSM , but doesn't mean we have to stay with exactly those tones.  Faded blue ala FSM 245 starkey coal would have been nice also ,  maybe even a triple white.  Rust floquil comes across as a nice fade shade when put over driftwood stain.

Stepping outside the kits paint directions gives you a whole other palate .

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Mike, I guess it boils down to personal preference. I've always been a fan of this kit and the color scheme that George chose for it. The reason I changed out the roofing for cedar shakes was because I did think it was too red/orange with the rusted roof in place.

I didn't follow the kits instructions for the wall color I substituted Floquil Boxcar Red for craft paints in an effort to match George's version.

In my opinion it's pretty typical that a large industrial structure wouldn't use more than one paint color and red would be an common color due to it being one of the least expensive choices. I believe this is due to the base for red being iron oxide. The reason why it was the most common choice for barns. Most of the old mills I find with a google search are bleached gray even those converted to old uses.

Steve Custer

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