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Started by hairball, January 26, 2020, 12:13:51 PM

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This is O scale and not sure if it was yorke kit #112 or whether I scratch built it from northeastern scale siding board and batton.  Its based on the Johnstown calif yards structure.  Yorke and Stoney creek both produced a model of this structure.

From the original design I changed the grandt line windows to another style as shown.
I made the roof vent as long as possible.
I made a hydrocal one piece stone & concrete foundation.
Freight doors are scale wood and grandt line engine house hinges.
Roof is made of HO scale campbells corregated roofing.

Zeke Pugwump at the door and his 2 brothers at the shed are visiting today.

A seagull has perched on the sign hoping to get a free lunch today

mike lynch....MADMIKE3434................HAIRBALL



Well done, love the lower windows.

Tom ;D
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