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Started by dick green, September 20, 2021, 07:37:20 PM

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dick green

I bought an old watch at a garage sale and thought I would practice some rust. I like the color just need a vey light drybrush
Apple Valley, Mn


Clever idea, Dick. Looks very good.

Protolancing the Illinois Central Chicago District from Chicago to Kankakee


Hey Dick:

Looks just great.



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Opa George

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Nice addition, very 'natural'.  I purchased a container of watch parts from Hobby Lobby some years ago, but I can't find the original packaging for the name, and trying to search on Hobby Lobby's site is a nightmare.  They can be found on Amazon under Steampunk watch parts (300 pcs).  I've used them on various projects, and they are very convincing.  Mark

dick green

Apple Valley, Mn


Hey dick:

You are quite welcome.



Great. Watch gears are so finely wrought they always look good. I didn't know you could buy them, I just took apart a couple of old, cheap watches that we had. Can't get much out of digital stuff!!
Modelling my version of Colorado Narrow Gauge here in the UK.  Any resemblance to reality is purely accidental.



What a great idea.   I have been a pocket watch person my whole life and service my own watches.   The only thing I cannot do is a balance staff as my lathe is just not stable enough for that part.  A balance staff is the shaft that holds the wheel that runs back and forth when you look at most any mechanical watch.  I have made numerous attempts at it but I cannot get them to pass a seven position balance test.  That is where you run the watch for 24 hours in each of seven positions.  At the end if it holds together and does not lose time you can be assured that the watch is not direction sensitive. 

After all of that.............. I have a number of watches that have been my parts department to keep the others going for way over 50 years.

Not any more ! ! ! !

I'm going to run them through a "blacken it" solution and then weather them after that.

I have a ton of locations where this cool idea will work.

Thanx for a great idea.

Did you ever notice how many towns are named after their water towers ! ?


Nice modeling.
With my luck the watch that would be taken apart here would sell for 5k on the Antiques Road Show.
Tom Boyd in NE Minnesota



Not my watch assortment.   They are mostly Hammilton and Waltham watches that have no history other than one Hampton lever set that my dad's adopted dad had when he was a motorman on the Madison Street trolley that went from State out to Cicero Ave in Chicago.  That was the plum route as it always had the newest equipment.  That route was the first PCC cars in about 1936?

Guy took a retirement in 1951 after more than fifty years on the Chicago Surface lines (and predecessor named companys).  My grandfather knew him first in about 1902 on a south side route

My grandfather, standing on the running board, in a 1902 photo on a turn around spur between State and Dearborn Sttreets on the south side.

My first watch was a Westclox Scotty when I was about 5 or 6 years old.  I've kept it alive but it never kept really good time.   Sold new for about 3 bux.

see ya
Did you ever notice how many towns are named after their water towers ! ?

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