Hollis Pest Control [diorama]

Started by Keep It Rusty, October 14, 2021, 08:34:23 AM

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Keep It Rusty

After some delay, I finally got my latest diorama across the finish line! This is a diorama of a FOS Scale Model kit, Hollis Pest Control.

I had so much fun building Lamont Camera that the moment I finished building the Flux Mill a few weeks ago, I immediately got started with another FOS Scale Models kit.

Just like with both of those builds, I set out looking to once again play with verticality and different terrains, landforms and textures. My initial thoughts was to set this diorama in a rural setting, but after some further thinking, I settled on a more urban environment (it offered more opportunity for what I wanted to play with — water, bridge, brickwork, fencing etc...)

I built the kit pretty much to Doug's instructions, only adding a scratch-built awning for the loading bay and some extra details like chimneys and ducting. I did alter some roofing materials.

The base is entirely pink foam from Home Depot, built up in layers. The paving was made from spreading an even, but thick layer of joint compound, carving when dry. The road is the same recipe I used on the Flux Mill and Lamont Camera.

The flowing water was made using a sheet of acetate that was tapered and covered with epoxy. When dry, white paint was streaked over the top of the hardened glue. For the foaming water, Woodland Scenics Snow and Mod-Podge (Glossy) was mixed to create a white slurry. Careful application made it appear natural and animated. The deep water was a simple, colored pouring of Envirotex Lite.

For the bridge, I used a Rix Products kit I picked up for $8 and added 3D printed road railings. Other 3D printed details include the tall gas tanks, old dresser and the air compressor (a SierraWest print).

Keep It Rusty

Having trouble uploading more photos than this, for some reason...

Please find the rest of the photos just here: https://keepitrusty.com/?p=1856[/color]


WOW, another nice diorama. The angularity of the scene is outstanding.


P.S. What happened in your second post?
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This is fantastic Craig! Great job!
Steve Custer



Craig, very, very nice !!
Setting is original and stunning !!
Keep up the wonderful modeling and thanks for sharing here with us !!
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Keep It Rusty

Thank you all for your comments and kind words.

Bernd, I'm not quite sure why my photos stopped linking. I upload them to my website and only link them here, so I shouldn't have issue. It may be a dimension issue.

New test:

Keep It Rusty



Spectacular, Craig. Inspirational!


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Man!  Your stuff keeps getting better and better.  I hate to even phrase it that way since you stuff was great to start with but wow!  :o
Bob Butts

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Mark Dalrymple

Really nice, Craig!

The colour scheme is perfect and I really like the awning you have added.  What did you use for retaining walls?  Lots to drink in here.

Cheers, Mark.


Love it.  Enjoy the policeman eyeing the person sleeping on the bench, and the endless details.  Thanks for sharing.  Mark

Keep It Rusty

Vince, Matt, Bob, Mark & Mark — thank you very much! Thrilled you enjoy it.

The retaining walls are from the Cartwright Machine Shop kit!

Dennis Bourey

Craig, WOW!!! Perfect in every way......
Dennis Bourey

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