Summit St. Pawn -- 2022 Winter Challenge Build

Started by Opa George, January 15, 2022, 04:36:31 PM

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Very nice, George. Quite a dramatic and engaging scene with all the storefronts on such a steep grade.

Protolancing the Illinois Central Chicago District from Chicago to Kankakee

Opa George

Thanks for looking in and the comments, Dave and Vince!  I appreciate your input.
I had some visitors a few weeks ago looking at it--they said it reminds them of Harpers Ferry.  Since that is one of my favorite spots to visit, it wouldn't surprise me that I sub-consciously put some of that town's character in.

The street is unusually steep, but my layout is only about 4x12 overall, so everything is compressed.

--Opa George
George Nagle
Twin Mountain Barge & Navigation Co.
Harrisburg, PA

Jim Donovan

What a great building. George, I just caught up and am impressed. I love how you have simply pulled a bunch of parts together and created a novel structure. I look forward to seeing the final result.

Jim D
Holland & Odessa Railroad


Gregory P. DeMayo
General Construction Superintendent Emeritus
St. Louis & Denver Railroad
Longwood, FL


Bob Dye
Livin large on a pond


Hey George:

hey really like the little triangular build you chose for that spot. Looks just great.


Opa George

Thank you very much, Jim, Greg, Bob and Karl,

It is coming along nicely--not finished yet. I need to clean up a few rough edges, add weathering, and some more details--a front sidewalk railing, more signs, maybe some merchandise on display out front.  But here it is in place:

I'm particularly fond of the security bars over the windows, tichy castings that I have been looking to use (pardon the tiny bits of glue still drying--that should all but disappear in a few hours:

The three-ball sign is made from some jewelry bits and a paper clip.

The proprietor came into possession of a prime condition restaurant sized charcoal stove.  He made a deal with the owner of the Green Dragon restaurant down the block in exchange for a slightly worn but usable awning, some cash, and an undisclosed quantity of Moo Shu Pork.

Time to knock off for the evening.

--Opa George

George Nagle
Twin Mountain Barge & Navigation Co.
Harrisburg, PA

PRR Modeler

Gorgeous signage George. Everything looks great.
Curt Webb
The Late Great Pennsylvania Railroad
Freelanced PRR Bellevue Subdivision


Nice job.  The corner piece with the "Pawn" and the overhanging pawn shop symbol really make it look "right". 




That is really cool......

Great signs

Did you ever notice how many towns are named after their water towers ! ?

Rail and Tie

Spot on!

Great choices for the building location all the way around.
Darryl Jacobs
Inter-Action Hobbies


That came out great...I also especially like the security bars on the windows.



Hey George:

Wow really looks great. I agree with Bob on the signs as I'm A sign freak. I used to make sign sheets for sale as Wales Junction Scale signs. I had A lot of fun doing that many years ago.


Opa George

George Nagle
Twin Mountain Barge & Navigation Co.
Harrisburg, PA

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