We're back, but here's to a new start!

Started by Keep It Rusty, October 22, 2023, 04:58:49 AM

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Keep It Rusty


After almost two years in stasis, we're back online!

You're reading this post as a result of a lot of restoration work, and for those who were previously members of the forum you can log in to your accounts where you will find your post history, post counts, galleries and even private messages are all in place (as of early 2022)

Whilst this forum is back "as it was", this should be regarded as a new beginning for the forum. There have been a few subtle changes already and while this forum will remain dedicated to railroad modeling, more changes will be rolled out over the course of the next few weeks and months to ensure the forum continues to grow, reaching and welcoming new members. You will all play an important part in this.

Other important notes

1. If you cannot log in email me at rr@keepitrusty.com with your full name and username. I can reset your password for you (if the forgot password option doesn't work for you)

2. I have restored the Gallery and most post attachments! You may find some older posts/threads that still have some missing attachments. Some may have a "digital corruption". Simply, this is an irreversible error caused by the original method used to back them up. I stress, all of the surviving elements of this forum were pulled from a "burning fire".

3. Profile avatars got lost in a void! I tried to salvage them, but they were long gone. Please re-upload them to your profile when appropriate.

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