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Started by jwb, July 30, 2014, 04:09:31 PM

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I'm starting this thread to record various projects on my layout. I'm starting with oil pumps. I live in California, and you can find oil pumps in unlikely places here, which makes them interesting scenery items. I have several projects underway to add them to the California part of my layout.

Here is a Diamond Scale oil pump, an oldie, in a part of my layout where scenery is still roughed in:

Here are two prototype oil pumps in fields:

I have an SS Ltd Jensen Oil Pump kit that I am going to add to a field that will be built in this area:


Here's a shot of the SS Ltd instructions to show what the finished pump should look like:

I'll be painting mine to look more like the prototype photos here.


Great to see a new layout thread here on the forum.  Thanks for sharing - I will be watching and learning.
John Siekirk
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I agree with John, another layout build is great. I'll be watching as well.

Tom ;D
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Here are the completed subassemblies for the SS Ltd Jensen Oil Pump:

The prototype for this pump seems to be very similar to the pump in the third photo in my first post. I'm not completely sure what the crop is in that photo, but it may be grapes. Quite a while ago I got some Busch grapevines, but I never thought they looked much like the prototype. You can see one assembled group of Busch vines in this photo:

I started this kit, but as you can see, I realized it wasn't makin' it, and I dropped the project. Here is what grapevines in a vineyard really look like in California:

My object here will be to surround the Jensen oil pump with grapevines. I need to figure out how to modify the Busch pieces, maybe with Woodland Scenics materials, to make them look right.


Most of my photos here are in-progress, but here is one of a finished area:

But back to the current project. Here is the SS Ltd Jensen oil pump assembled:

Here it is surrounded by how I think I will be installing the grapevines:

Here is another project, a few inches to the right of the oil well scene. It is a low-relief feed dealer being scratchbuilt to follow one in Petaluma, CA;


I added some "skin" to the feed dealer buildings, brick paper on balsa to the left, Northeastern metal siding in the middle, and board-and-batten on the right.

I also used some of the new Blair Line 2707 fans-and-vents, which I like a lot.


Building is looking great so far!


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